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Turn on a strong flow of COLD water

Slowly add the materials to be disposed of

Metal, large bones and fibrous materials should be disposed of in the trash

After disposing of the materials, leave the disposer on for one full minute with a strong flow of COLD water,

About once a week dump a tray of Ice cubes down the disposer while running, use care to prevent ice from popping back up into your face, use a small stream of water with this

Add any citrus peel to deodorize the disposer with the ice cubes

The ice cubes scour the inside of the disposer and remove the build up of waste food.

No grease, oil, fats or silverware!

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Q: How do you properly use a kitchen garbage disposal?
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What way to prolong the efficiency of garbage disposal blades?

The best way to prolong the efficiency of garbage disposal blades is to not use them.

Do sinks use electricity?

YES!! for the garbage disposal

Importance of garbage disposal?

If we use the proper way of garbage disposal in that way we can help people to stop causing diseases,floods and other garbages problems.

Why does your kitchen sink back up when you use the garbage disposal?

Because one of the pipes underneath is plugged. Release the whole pipe section from both sinks and clean it out.

Can you use Mr Muscle chemical sink plunger to clean your kitchen sink which has a garbage disposal installed on it?

yes you can i tried it and it helps alot good luck x

What could be the problem if your basement floor drain backs up every time you use your garbage disposal?

your kitchen drain and floor drain are on same line, and needs to be snaked

Do I use hot or cold water when I run my garbage disposal?


How do you make a garbage disposal last longer?

Don't use it to much

Should you use hot or cold water down your garbage disposal?


Do you use Draino for your drain cleaning?

No, I do not use Draino for drain cleaning. We have a garbage disposal in our kitchen sink so that keeps our drain free of clogs. We also tend to call a plumber of we have plumbing problems.

Can you put cabbage down a garbage disposal?

yes you can the garbage disposal chops things fine and it is ok to put that down there because it will be chopped up and go down the sink properly You can put anything down a garbage disposal! it will take anything you can fit, but back to your question , Yes but most vegi material needs lots of water when you use your garbage disposal because it needs more flow to flush down the drain so when you do put cabbage in it just break it up more and put it in slow with the faucet on cold.

Can Shrimp shells clog a garbage disposal?

Yes they can! Put them in the freezer until garbage day oe use them for stock.

How To Unblock A Clogged Garbage Disposal ?

Instead of calling the plumber the next time your garbage disposal clogs, try to fix the problem yourself. First, unplug the garbage disposal. Then, use a broom handle to manually rotate the blades. The broom handle gives you enough leverage to turn the blades even if there is a clog. Once the blades turn freely, remove the material that caused the clog. Only use your hand if you are sure that the power is completely disconnected. Once the clog is removed, plug the disposal back in, press the reset button, and turn it on. The unit should now work properly.

Can you have a garbage disposal on a well?

Your source of water should not be an issue. But it may be an issue if you are on a home septic system. Some say not to use a garbage disposal when you are on a septic system, but you can. I know of some in use with septic systems and they have not had a problem. Generally you should have your tank pumped every five years. With a garbage disposal on the system you should have your tank pump every two or three years,

Why would kitchen sink water back up into the dishwasher after you use the garbage disposal?

Check and see if the water line going from the dishwasher to the disposal has enough slack to run up and over the connection to the disposal.If its just running along the cabinet floor and straight up into the disposal that's the problem.Its called an anti siphon loop

Can salmonella contaminate your garbage disposal by putting peanut butter in it?

Your garbage disposal is already a breeding ground for microbes, so I would not worry about adding bacteria to it. But, I would be concerned about clogging the drain pipes with the peanut butter. Don't use the disposal. Just throw it in the trash.

How do you get object out of your garbage disposal?

I usually reach in and get it. If something is jammed you can either use the hex wrench that was with the disposal to turn it from the bottom of the unit or use a wooden broom handle to turn it from the top.

Can a garbage disposal be on the same circuit as four outlets and a ceiling fan?

Yes, if the circuit breaker and the wiring is large enough to carry the sum of the amp draw of all. Without knowing what will be plugged into the outlets, there is no way to be more specific. <<>> It is recommended to use a dedicated circuit for a garbage disposal. It is best not to add any additional loads to kitchen counter receptacles as these are also dedicated circuits.

Can you use drano in a garbage disposal?

No definitely not. Drano should not be used anywhere. It is very harmful to your plumbing

What household item could you use to represent a lysosome and it has the same function?

Stomach,garbage disposal,or a toilet.

How do you use a garbage disposal?

You put waste food and vegetable products into them and the macerate it and flush it down the drain.

What are some things in the house that uses electricity that begin with the letter G?

The garbage disposal and a griddle use electricity.

Why is my garbage disposal humming?

If it's humming and not doing its job, you have to use the tool to crank it. See the instructions that came with it.

Why is my dishwasher draining out of the drain air gap?

The rubber hose leading from your airgap to your garbage disposal or drain pipe is propably plugged. Remove hose and clean or replace. Also, when you remove the hose leading from the airgap to the garbage disposal, check to ensure that your stopper plug is removed from the garbage disposal. The stopper plug is a metal or rubber plug placed in the garbage disposal for people that don't have a dishwasher. The best way to remove this plug is by taking a screwdriver and placing it on the plug and gently tapping the butt of the screwdriver with a hammer until the plug pops out. Use metal fingers to remove the plug from the upper hopper chamber of the garbage disposal or (if you are daring enough) remove with your hands.

Proper way of storing garbage disposal?

its more effective when you use wooden storage to protect our garbage specially to some animals like dog that can tear our garbage that makes our sorrounding untidy ang dirty.