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Turn on a strong flow of COLD water

Slowly add the materials to be disposed of

Metal, large bones and fibrous materials should be disposed of in the trash

After disposing of the materials, leave the disposer on for one full minute with a strong flow of COLD water,

About once a week dump a tray of Ice cubes down the disposer while running, use care to prevent ice from popping back up into your face, use a small stream of water with this

Add any citrus peel to deodorize the disposer with the ice cubes

The ice cubes scour the inside of the disposer and remove the build up of waste food.

No grease, oil, fats or silverware!

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Q: How do you properly use a kitchen garbage disposal?
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The best way to prolong the efficiency of garbage disposal blades is to not use them.

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YES!! for the garbage disposal

Importance of garbage disposal?

If we use the proper way of garbage disposal in that way we can help people to stop causing diseases,floods and other garbages problems.

Can you use Mr Muscle chemical sink plunger to clean your kitchen sink which has a garbage disposal installed on it?

yes you can i tried it and it helps alot good luck x

Why does your kitchen sink back up when you use the garbage disposal?

Because one of the pipes underneath is plugged. Release the whole pipe section from both sinks and clean it out.

Should you use hot or cold water down your garbage disposal?


Do I use hot or cold water when I run my garbage disposal?


How do you make a garbage disposal last longer?

Don't use it to much

What could be the problem if your basement floor drain backs up every time you use your garbage disposal?

your kitchen drain and floor drain are on same line, and needs to be snaked

Can you put cabbage down a garbage disposal?

yes you can the garbage disposal chops things fine and it is ok to put that down there because it will be chopped up and go down the sink properly You can put anything down a garbage disposal! it will take anything you can fit, but back to your question , Yes but most vegi material needs lots of water when you use your garbage disposal because it needs more flow to flush down the drain so when you do put cabbage in it just break it up more and put it in slow with the faucet on cold.

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Yes they can! Put them in the freezer until garbage day oe use them for stock.

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