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You will have to bear with the angle being represented by x because this browser will not allow characters from other alphabets!

sin^2x + cos^2x = 1=> sin^2x = 1 - cos^x = (1 + cosx)(1 - cosx)

Divide both sides by sinx (assuming that sinx is not zero).

=> sinx = (1 + cosx)(1 - cosx)/sinx

Divide both sides by (1 - cosx)

=> sinx/(1 - cosx) = (1 + cosx)/sinx

=> sinx/(1 - cosx) - (1 + cosx)/sinx = 0

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In math x equals 34 divided by 2 is an example of what statement that shows one quantity is equal to another?

It is called an equation, more specifically x = 34/2 is an algebraic equation where x = 17.

What is the equation to this number 63 divided equals 7?

which number makes this equation true 63 divided something = 7

What is the equation for 1 divided by the sum of 2 and n?

There cannot be an equation because there is no "equals".

What is the equation for average acceleration?

A equals Vf minus Vi divided by time equals triangle v divided by time

How could you solve the following equation for mass F equals ma?

In the equation: F is force, m is mass, and a is acceleration. Divide both sides by a, and you have:m = F/a, which is Force divided by acceleration.

Solve the following equation 2A3 equals 8 plus 4A?

Solve the following equation for A : 2A/3 = 8 + 4A

What is the answer to the equation 2640 divided by 20 equals?

This is not an equation. It's a division problem.2,640 / 20 = 132

What is279 divided by 8?

279 divided by 8 equals 34.875. This equation does not yield an answer without a remainder.

What is the answer to the equation x plus 6?

You have not given us an equation, just a term, x + 6. Every equation states that some quantity is equal to some other quantity, and this is shown by means of the equals sign (=). An example of this might be, x + 6 = 10. If that was the equation, then x = 4.

Area an radius equals 42 square feet What is the best translation of this equation?

Which of the following is the best translation of this equation?

Are slope of demand curve and elasticity of a demand curve the same thing?

Not exactly. They serve the same purpose, but calulated a little bit differently. Slope equals change in price divided by change in quantity. Elasticity equals changes in quantity to be divided by changes in price

What is the equation for 3x equals x divided by 6?

3x = x / 6 is not a valid equation. It is equivalent to saying "3 = 6"

What is the equation for volume in chemistry?

v=m/d volume equals mass divided by density

What is -p divided by 3 equals 4?

It is a linear equation in a single variable, p.

What is the slope of the following equation y equals 15 x plus 4?

The slope of the line that represents the graph of that equation is 15.

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