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There is a 'contact us' link at the bottom of the home page.

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Q: How do you provide feedback to Hardee's regarding their advertisements?
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How does positive and negative feedback help you?

Positive it can provide hysteresis negative it provide stability

How do you provide colleagues with useful feedback on their performance?

Give the positive feedback first, then discuss the ways in which their performance could improve.

Something an employee might ask his boss for?

The following is an example of what an employee might ask his boss for: An employee may ask his boss to provide him feedback regarding his work performance in order to stay in compliance with his job duties.

Where can I find advice on hardees nutrition?

To find nutritician information on Hardee's. You can ask a employee who will provide you a sheet. You can also find the same information on their website.

What qualities you think you would need to ensure you offered good customer service?

These are the main quailities we think that these would nee to offered good customer service:Provide feedback facility to the customers regarding the experience of the product.Provide after sale services facilities.Provide discounting facilities like, deep discounting, bundle pakage etc.

How do you have a good customer service?

Good cutomer service is to provide feedback facility to the customers.

In a market economy prices provide information regarding what?


In a market economy prices provide information regarding?


How do you measure customer level of satsafaction?

You can measure the customer's level of satisfaction based on the feedback that he will provide.

How do you improve open loop system?

Feedback from the output to the input will provide stability and control. It is desirable to havemaximum open loop gain but without proper feedback it will be probably totally unstable

Why feedback is required for linear circuits?

Negative feedback (a portion of the output is inverted, and fed back to the input of the circuit) is used to provide stability of the output over a wide range of inputs.

What does Staff Feedback mean?

When your employer ask you and other co-workers to provide them with information on how the company is doing.

What is objective feedback?

To improve the the customer service. To provide better service according to the needs and requirements of the customer.

Why is customer service important to the business?

Try buying from yourself and compare. Customers not only provide a income for the business, the provide feedback. Such feedback can be in the form of information that will help to improve product or service delivery, improve customer service, streamline marketing, production and transportation logistics.

What is the effect of feed back on gain?

A: Number one it provide stability for the amplifier or system. The greater the feedback the greater the stability but less gain. In other words gain is inversely related to feedback

What is descriptive feedback?

In education descriptive feedback is the results that occur when focusing on the need to provide information to a student with the outlook of improving what topics or situations are being addressed. This type of feedback allows a student to then adjust and revise their way of thinking. This is an information and non-judgmental way of teaching.

What are the uses of advertisements?

Advertisements are used to tell the audience what products you are selling, services you provide and the type of business you do such as whether your business provides finance company loan services for purchasers. Advertisements may be used to notify the public of the date and venue of an event. They inform consumers of what is available with a view to get the customers into the store and make sales.

What is the main function of computer networking support?

The main function of computer networking support is to provide support, consulting services and take feedback from the customers about the service they provide.

Why do you use encoder in an elevator?

Encoder is usually used to measure the speed of a motor or a conveyor and provide feedback to the control system. In this case, the encoder reads the speed of the elevator and gives feedback to its control system

What guitar pickups produce the least unwanted sound feedback?

Feedback is more a function of body than pickup design. I have a LP and a hollow body equipped with the same pickups. The LP can't compete with the HB in a match for feedback. Acoustics too provide a lot of feedback when they have a pickup in them. What model of guitar do you have? Let me know and I'll try to help you.

How operational amplifier works as an oscillator?

A: Very easy to do just provide a positive feedback and/or a phase shift it will oscillate

California law regarding breakrooms?

Do you have to provide a place for employees to lie down?

What companies provide up to date information regarding NASDAQ futures?

There are a few companies that provide up to date information regarding the NASDAQ futures. The Business Info Today company always has up to date information.

What is the difference between reinforcement and feedback?

Feedback and reinforcement are important concepts in learning. Feedback involves to provide information about their responses to learners, whereas reinforcement is a tendency of the learner to make a specific response again. Feedback can be positive, negative or neutral; reinforcement is either positive (increases the response) or negative (decreases the response). Feedback is almost always considered external while reinforcement can be external or instrinsic (i.e., generated by the individual).

How do you write a feedback?

There are many ways of writing a feedback. The most popular method is the "feedback sandwich" method. The way it works is this - your feedback process is broken down into 3 segments. You start off by giving praise - talking about what you like about the item in question. Then, you provide the criticism - things you didn't like. Lastly, you round off the feedback with (a) a reiteration of the positive comments you gave at the beginning and (b) the positive results that can be expected if the criticism is acted upon.