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How do you pull a horses mane?

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April 02, 2013 11:16PM

Flip up a horses mane with a comb and get the longer strands off

one by one, then yank off about 2. If there's more, don't worry. To

get the horses mane straight, pull 2 strands once a day so the poor

horse won't get sore


To pull the horses mane you should have a metal pulling comb.

Then while holding the long hairs of the mane in your hand backcomb

all of the shorter hairs until you only have the longer hairs left.

Wrap the longer hairs around the comb and yank downwards quickly to

remove them. Do this to the whole mane to get an even look. If the

mane is thin but long you may not wish to pull the mane, instead

you can use a type of mane trimming cone, a good version of this

product is the Solo-Comb. If you keep the mane kept pulled it makes

the job much more easy and quick than having to do it all at


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