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Flip up a horses mane with a comb and get the longer strands off one by one, then yank off about 2. If there's more, don't worry. To get the horses mane straight, pull 2 strands once a day so the poor horse won't get sore


To pull the horses mane you should have a metal pulling comb. Then while holding the long hairs of the mane in your hand backcomb all of the shorter hairs until you only have the longer hairs left. Wrap the longer hairs around the comb and yank downwards quickly to remove them. Do this to the whole mane to get an even look. If the mane is thin but long you may not wish to pull the mane, instead you can use a type of mane trimming cone, a good version of this product is the Solo-Comb. If you keep the mane kept pulled it makes the job much more easy and quick than having to do it all at once.

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Q: How do you pull a horses mane?
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Why doesn't it hurt to pull a horses mane?

They have no nerves in their mane. They do in their tail, and forelock. Thatis why we only pull their mane.

How long can a horses mane be?

Pretty long. People usually pull their horse's mane to keep it from getting long and straggly.

What is it called when you cut a horses mane?

when you clip the mane close to the horses neck it is called a hogged mane, so if you were cutting the mane off, then you would say you were hogging his mane.

When clip or shave off a section of a horses mane right behind its earswhat is this called?

You are creating a bridle path for the headstall of the bridle, so the straps don't get tangled in the horse's mane and pull the horse's mane out.

How do you get a mane tail for your horse in horse academy?

When you are in the horses stable, go to equip button in the column on the left, the icon of a horses mane, then choose your mane

Can you give me a sentence with the word mane?

the horses mane was beautiful

What is a horses favorite hair style?

they don't necessarily have a fave hair style but in shows hunters braid their mane and western people band their mane and gaited horses have ribbon in their mane and you can also google different types of braids to do to your horses mane

What is a horse's favorite hair style?

I would imagine that a horses favorite hair style would be to have it loose and down. braids would kind of pull the horses mane and would be uncomfortable.

Bangs of a horses mane?


Do horses have feeling in their mane?

yes they do

WHAT Is the hair on a horses crest?

the mane

What adaptations do horses have?

Horses have hooves, muzzle, tail, mane, and ears.

When you clip the mane right behind the horses ear what is that called?

It is called a buzz mane

Are horses mane soft?

they are rough but smooth

What is a horses tuft of hair?

A mane or its tail

What do horses have on when they born?

Fur and a mane and tail.

What color are palominom horses?

Palomino horses are golden with a flaxen mane and tail

Is mane a verb?

No, it is not a verb. Mane is a noun, the hair on the head of certain animals (horses, lions).

Are quarter horses main curly or straight?

Quarter Horses should not have a curly mane. But some individuals have a little natural wave in the mane and sometimes the tail.

Should you avoid a yearling with a split mane?

no you can always tame the mane to lay on one side by pulling the mane (to pull a mane you take a small chunck of mane and put a small band around it and pull thethe hair in the bottem of the ban to tighten it and maake it lay down)

What is the horses long hair on its neck called?

The hair on the horses neck is called a mane.

Why is it necessary to cut your horses hair?

It is not necessary to cut your horses hair.You can pull your horse's mane/tail to think it out for shows or whatnot but otherwise you don't have to. As for body clipping, unless you work your horse hard in the winter then it is unnecessary.

Do horses have a part of their mane on their forehead?

the hair on the forehead of a horse is an extension of the mane, however it is referred to as a forelock

What are fine plaits in a horses mane called?

The answer is slugs.

Why do horses have a mane and a tail?

to swat away flies