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on Halloween i was eating a milky way and it pulled out my loose tooth and it wasn't even that loose so it would definitely pull out a really loose tooth (and it didn't even hurt!!)

that ^^^was someone elses answer. my answer was I was eating a hotdog, and I bit down on my loose tooth, as i always do. It didnt hurt at ALL! I felt it come out and i spit out my hotdog on my desk. I ran to the bathroom and clean my gums. after it stopped bleeding, I ran back and found my tooth, thinking about how easy it was!=) good luck

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if your tooth isn't that loose and you need to lose it, then all you can really do is wiggle and twist it.

No. Actually, it tickles a little. Really?

wait until it is really loose, and then yank it out.

On pulling a not loose tooth seems pretty easy. I had a not loose tooth then all I did was push it out then push it in. It doesn't hurt at all! It also automatically falls out cos it will get loose and then pull it!

If you want to pull out a tooth that is really loose just PULL on it lightly and suck on it at the same time, that's how I pulled out all 9 of my teeth.

Without pain: if you want to pull out a loose tooth with no pain, this is what you do. Wiggle your tooth back and forth and up and down. If it doesn't come out then, take a Kleenex and put the Kleenex over your tooth. Pinch your tooth really hard and pull it out. It wont hurt.With pain: if you want to pull a loose tooth out with pain (if you don't really mind), this is what you do. Wiggle your tooth for about 10 minutes. Take some pliers and pinch the tooth. Gently pull out the tooth. It usually doesn't hurt. This is the classic tooth-pulling strategy.I hope you guys get your money from the Tooth Fairy! *wink* Bah-bye, now!

A.if it is really loose take a namkin and twist itB.and if it is not then bite down on your finger really hard till it becomes really looseC.take a tuissue twist it and wala it came out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Usually, a child will play with a tooth until it is loosened enough to come right out. They can try to pull it, but if it is causing pain stop. It will come out when it is ready, and shouldn't really hurt.

um..i suggest keep wobbling it untill it is quite loose then yank it or if you really wanna pull it out now go to the dentist they'll pull it out painlessly

Pull it out or just leave it alone.

you can just wait, or spin your baby tooth around to make it loose enough to fall out (or you just pull it out!)!

just get some numbing cream rub it on and gently pull the tooth

If they numb you it doesnt really hurt. It's more of like a pinch, or it feels like when you pull out a loose tooth. It really depends on your nerves.

No, you should never pull out a loose tooth. If it's a primary tooth, the permanent tooth coming in behind it will push it out on its own. If it's a permanent tooth, see a dentist immediately, as this is a sign of periodontal disease. The reason why you should never pull out a tooth is that pulling it before it's ready can result in damage to the roots, the socket itself, and/or the nerves.

You have to pull it when it becomes loose enough with some instrument.

ANSWER:Whith a wobbly tooth just wobble and pull one side up this should work I've just done it =)

no that is not bad it just means your child's loose tooth is really lose

keep wiggling it and when i becomes a bit more loose eat apples of toffe topull it out

See your dentist as soon as possible. Do not try to pull it out yourself!

No. The guinea pig should see a vet. The loose tooth could be the result of a vitamin deficiency or other problem.

if you have tootsie rolls eat one and your tooth will stick to the tootsie roll

If the tooth is very loose, just pull on it with toilet paper, if it is ready it will come out without pain. if it comes out hold a paper towel or toilet paper over the hole until bleeding stops.

You have to wait and dont lick it pull it only when it is a bout to fall off

By making sure it is completely numb with local anesthetic.

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