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Q: How do you pull out your own tooth?
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What can be done in case you do decide to pull out your own tooth?

It is very foolish to try and pull out an adult tooth. Even in the U.S. there are clinics that will do it for nothing. By pulling your own tooth you could have infection (abscess) or leave part of the tooth in. Please see a dentist.

Can you pull your own tooth?

Yes, but I seriously would not advise it!

how much to pull a tooth?

how much to pull a tooth

How to pull a tooth?

Normally your tooth will fall out on it's own if you are having problems following these rules, then you can just pull, pull, and pull even harder. If it still doesn't come out, you need to go see a dentist.

Pull out a loose tooth?

No, you should never pull out a loose tooth. If it's a primary tooth, the permanent tooth coming in behind it will push it out on its own. If it's a permanent tooth, see a dentist immediately, as this is a sign of periodontal disease. The reason why you should never pull out a tooth is that pulling it before it's ready can result in damage to the roots, the socket itself, and/or the nerves.

Does a dentist pull a lose tooth?

yes, he/she will pull a tooth

Do you pull down or to the side to pull a tooth out?

Please, for the love of God, do not extract your own tooth. Tooth extraction is a technique and has little to do with force. If you do it yourself the root tip could break off and that can less to a horrible infection. If cost is an issue many dental offices accept payments. If it's a loose baby tooth the adult tooth will push it out on it's own.

Do you just pull a tooth?

Do you guys just pull a single tooth.

Home remedy pull wisdom tooth?

Not to. Do not attempt to pull your own wisdom teeth. It is dangerous and can be extremely painful. Unless you are a dentist, you do not have the proper means or knowledge of pulling and caring for the removal of a wisdom tooth.

How do you pull out a rotten tooth?

DENTIST!! Do not attempt this on your own. You will be at risk of severe infection if not done properly.

How do you pull out a puppy tooth?

um i actually think you shouldnt pull a puppy's tooth out

How does a Dentist pull a tooth?

The dentist pushes in the tooth to a certin point, then he/she will twist the tooth and it will come out easily. ps he doesn't pull it

How do you pull out a painful tooth?

go to the dentist and ask them to pull it out for you nerves can still be attached to the tooth and if you pull it yourself you might damage your nerves

How do you pull out a really wiggly tooth?

Pull or twist.

How do you pull out a losse tooth by yourself?

You hold it and pull............

Will a dentist go ahead and pull my tooth if I have a tooth abscess?

It will all depend on how bad the abscess is, if it is bad the dentist will pull the tooth, but if they are able to clean it up and fix it you will not have to get your tooth pulled.

How do you pull a tooth out?

Without pain: if you want to pull out a loose tooth with no pain, this is what you do. Wiggle your tooth back and forth and up and down. If it doesn't come out then, take a Kleenex and put the Kleenex over your tooth. Pinch your tooth really hard and pull it out. It wont hurt.With pain: if you want to pull a loose tooth out with pain (if you don't really mind), this is what you do. Wiggle your tooth for about 10 minutes. Take some pliers and pinch the tooth. Gently pull out the tooth. It usually doesn't hurt. This is the classic tooth-pulling strategy.I hope you guys get your money from the Tooth Fairy! *wink* Bah-bye, now!

Can you pull a tooth?


How do you pull a dogs tooth?

u get a tweezers and grab the tooth and pull like uve never pulled before

Is lidocaine used to pull a tooth?

i had a tooth pulled and was numbed with lidocaine they tryed to numb a nother tooth that was infected and it wouldn't numb so what i want to no is do they use lidocaine or novacaine to pull a tooth

Can you pull a dogs tooth?

No! You can have a veterinarian do it, but don't do it on your own. The dog is your pet; you have to recognize that there will be some cost involved in proper care.

When you pull a puppy tooth will adult tooth still come in?

Have a vet do it.

How can you pull your back tooth out?

kissing them

What is a pull out proceedure?

Tooth extraction

Can you pull a infected tooth?

Have the dentist do it!