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There is no automatic punctuation to use with the words 'such as.' In some cases no punctuation would be correct, in others one or more commas would be appropriate, and in certain circumstances examples a colon might be used. It all depends on the situation.

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Q: How do you punctuate sentences using such as?
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What is a sentence using the word punctuate?

Some students could not write, spell or punctuate simple sentences.

What is a sentence for punctuate?

You must punctuate every sentence. You will learn to correctly punctuate sentences when you learn the types of sentences.

What is the root word for punctuation?

Punctuate is the root word.Punctuate your sentences.Make sure you use correct punctuation.

Compound sentences punctuated with a semicolon?

You can not punctuate a sentence with a semicolon.

What a sentence for admonishing?

I am constantly admonishing contributors to punctuate the end of example sentences!

Punctuate dialectal expressions or contractions by using what punctuation mark?


How do you make sentences using expedite?

Sentences can be constructed by using that word as an adjective or as a verb.

In the movie Charly he wrote seemingly gibberish on the blackboard and asked anyone to punctuate it All you can remember is the first 2 sentences That that is is That that is not is not Any more of it?

That, that is, is. That, that is not, is not. Is that it? It is.

How do you punctuate this sentences Way to go Sean the coach shouted that was a great run?

The answer is A. "Way to go, Sean," the coach shouted. "That was a great run!"

How do you correctly punctuate the sentences 1 Give me a break said Pedro 2 Do you think this is funny 3 When he calls she comes 4 I wonder why she says that?

Here are the correct ways to punctuate these sentences:"Give me a break!" said Pedro. (dialogue; question)Do you think this is funny? (question)When he calls, she comes. (statement) or When he calls, she comes! (exclamation)I wonder why she says that? (question)

When using mixed punctuation do you punctuate the complementary close?

The first word should be capitalized.

How do you punctuate Punctuate dialectal expressions?


What are sentences using stress or accent?

Sentences that are written using stress or accent are called exclamatory sentences. They usually are ended with an exclamation point.

How do you punctuate city and states used in sentences?

Comma after the city. ex: I was born in Baltimore, Maryland. My family and I are taking a vaction trip to Miami, Florida.

How can you use the word punctuate in a sentence?

I will punctuate this sentence.

What is punctuate?

punctuation and capitalization is basically what you use to make written words sound like it is actually being said to you.... it makes sentences more easier to comprehend

What are some sentences using yo soy?

There are no sentences for this. Those are not words.

How do you use arrogant in a sentences?

write 5 sentences using arrogant

How do you punctuate the word Bible?

you punctuate the word bible as "Bible"

Sentences using not to be trusted?

Free websites which provide sentences using "not to be trusted" are not to be trusted to reliably enhance your education.

What is a topic sentences about a movie?

write ten sentences that list and discuss your movies, be sure to punctuate titles and quotations correctly refers to the rules at the beginning of this section if necessary

How do you punctuate a newsletter name?

if it's a newspaper punctuate it with italics (or underline): Newspaper if it's an article punctuate it with quotes like this: "Article"

How do you punctuate day to day?

If you're using it as an adjective then it should be hyphenated: day-to-day. Otherwise, it shouldn't be.

Is it a rule that you do not punctuate a sentence after PS?

No it is not a rule. You should punctuate as normal.

Make sentences using the words as much as?

examples sentences start with each