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How do you put a 1896 bb gun barrel back on?


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Your best bet is to ask Daisy directly and see if you can get a parts drawing for the model 1894 ( they did not make a 1896 model) or search the web for "air gun repair" or see the link below.

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in the barrel there are 2 pins take them out and then slide the barrel off.then connect the battery to the wire and put the battery in the barrel and slide it back put the pins back on make sure you didnt pinch the wire

No, do not put any lube in the barrel, but on the threads.

You put it through the barrel.

The bore is the inside diameter of the barrel. Simply put, it's the hole down the middle of the barrel.

You made the barrel, fitted the stock to the barrel, then fitted the lock to the stock.

Put the Safety on first. Make sure the BB gun is not charged or cocked and unloaded. If the BB is jammed in the barrel you will have to take a .177 cleaning rod and push the BB back into the loading chamber from the front of the barrel.

BARRELED with a single L. Things in a barrel, or pertaining to a gun barrel, or the past tense of to barrel (to put in a barrel, or to move rapidly and recklessly, as a barrel rolling; to juggernaut).

With the forearm removed from the barrel, hook the barrel onto the action at about a 45 degree angle. Once hooked, close the action. Replace the forearm to keep the barrel from coming off.

Oil it with "Crosman Pellgun oil", "RWS OIL" or "Gamo Pellet gun oil" Wipe it down. DO NOT USE Household oil or 3-N-1 oil. They will damage the gun. Put a drop in the barrel and run a swab through the barrel. If it's a C02 gun then put a drop of oil where the C02 bottle fits into the gun and charge the gun. If it's a springer type of rifle, put a drop of oil in the oil hole in top of the rifle barrel or in the loading chamber. DON'T over oil the gun.

Put the parts in place and screw it back together.

yes! i did. u can put it in a barrel and go to the fort with the police and get it licensed

The Internal Magazine is the compartment that holds the BB's ready to be fired. It usually comes out of the gun and you put the BB's into it then put it back into the gun.

Which spring?? Which pistol??

The muzzle of the gun is the opening where the bullet comes out of the barrel of the gun. Looking at the muzzle is not someplace you want to be!A muzzle is a strap that you put on dogs, to keep them from barking or biting.

Open the gun up fully.There should be an orange piece (barrel,plunger,ar, and the spring.)Take apart barrel fullythere is a three pegged piece, spring, and 1 pegged piece.throw out spring, 3 pegged.cut the peg off the 1 pegged piece throw away the peg and put the piece back in.put back together.

Get a gun cleaning kit. Get the lubricant-cleaner, and polish the whole gun, even the stock. Lubricate the bolt by pulling it out and cleaning it, and take the ramrod out from under the barrel and put a piece of cloth with some cleaner on it and run it through the barrel.

If the back is auto-cocker threaded, then yes.

It depends completely on the model

you have to get the ten grams wieght abd the sticker from the side if the cannon and put it in the ten grams weight and the take the hammer and hit the barrel and get the gun powder and get the scales put the weight on one side and put the gun powder on the other sideand the put the gun powder in the cannon then put the cannon ball in the cannon and then light it with your matches

your rubber seal is gone or broken. Depending on your price range and gun you could buy one from or make one from black tape

Instructions1 Make sure the gun is unloaded. Put any and all ammunition in a separate room from where you are cleaning the gun. Remove the magazine and pull back the slide. Put your finger into the chamber and magazine well to make sure they are empty.2 Remove the slide latch or take down tabs, and pull the slide off the front of the gun. Remove the spring carefully so that it does not jump out and get lost. Take out the barrel.3 Wipe off all parts and surfaces with a soft, lint-free cloth. Wipe off all oil, unburnt carbon and any carbon buildup. Wipe inside the magazine and around the chamber.4 Apply a small amount of solvent to all of the gun's parts and let them soak for a few minutes. After a few minutes, use a toothbrush to scrub the entire gun. A toothbrush with a pointed tip will help you get into and clean out all of the corners and creases. When you're done scrubbing, wipe the gun down with a soft lint-free cloth. If places on the gun are turning the cloth black, go back and scrub those areas with a little more solvent until they are clean.5 Use the wire-tipped brush to clean out the barrel. Push the brush down the barrel in the same direction as the bullet leaves the gun. Put a solvent-soaked piece of cloth on the brush and run that through the barrel until it is clean. When it is clean, put a small amount of lubricant on a piece of cloth and run that through the barrel.6 Wipe the gun until all the solvent is dry. Oil the guide rails and grooves and around the trigger and hammer. If you see wear on the gun, apply oil to the wear spots. Put the barrel back on and put a few drops of lubricant on the spring. Never over-oil your gun; if you can see oil running on it, there's too much oil and you need to wipe it off.7 Reassemble the gun and wipe with a clean dry cloth.

If you want it to be good you'll have to buy an inner barrel but if not just take a straw and put a balloon on the end with tape or some other way. It hurts pretty bad but if you want something long range take a nerf gun and pull out the top of a dart and put in a straw or inner barrel of an airsoft gun.

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