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Q: How do you put a dash back in a 1989 Mustang 5.0 and where do the wires go?
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Where can you find a black dash for your 1989 mustang LX? or eBay check them sites out

What size speakers does a 1989 mustang convertible need?

In the doors its 6 1/2" The dash is 3 1/2" The back is 5" x 7" I just replaced all of my speakers in my 1989 convertible and it sounds amazing!

Where can you find a in dash wiring diagram for a 1989 Ford Mustang LX?

At Canadian Tire store in the automotive department.

Where is the turn signal flasher located on a 1989 ford mustang?

Normally under the dash above drivers feet.

Where do the wires go on a Vauxhall alternator?

from the back of the alternator to the dash to the battery

Where is the horn relay located on an 1989 mustang convertible?

its located right in behind and above the radio, underneath the dash. its a grayish color

How do you change the light behind the speedometer on a 1988 Plymouth Sundance?

you have to take the dash apart,unhook wires from the back of the panel.then unplug the bulb from the socket,and replace with new bulb,then reattatch the wires and rplace dash

After taking out the steering column in my 1989 Chevy truck the tail lights and the dash lights do not turn on how do i fix it?

You left some wires unplugged.

1989 mustang running lights license plate lights and dash light not working and fuse is okay suggestions?

If fuse is ok, could be a bad headlight switch

Where is the dash relay on a 1989 Cadillac?

Where is instrument panel dash relay on my 1989 cadillac 4.5L

In order to open the hood of a 1989 Ford Mustang would the car doors have to be unlocked or is it just the manual lever?

the doors would have to be unlocked..there is a release lever under the dash

Where is the flasher on 1992 Ford Mustang lx?

Under the driverside dash or under the passager side dash

How to switch the headlights on in a mustang 1968?

On my 1971 Mustang I just pulled the headlight switch on the dash all the way out

Where are the fuses in a 65 mustang?

Underneath the cowl you can get to them under the dash

Did the 88 mustang fox body have pony dash emblem?

I believe the only cars that had the tri-bar pony emblem from that era was some of the late 1989 and early 1990 cars, which was simply a 25th anniversary tribute emblem. So no, I don't believe the 1988 models had a pony emblem on the passenger side dash. ~John @

When did Jack Dash die?

Jack Dash died in 1989.

How do you go about changing the radio on a 1988 Toyota Corolla?

Disconnect the neg battery cable then take the bolts and wires loose from the back of the radio under the dash. Then pull the knobs off and remove the nuts there and work the radio out of the back of the dash.

Why don't the Dash lights work 1967 mustang?

Check for a blown fuse in the fuse box under the dash.


It happened to my Buick after I put in Stereo. The insulation was off one of the stereo wires causing a short which killed my dash lights.The stereo worked.My dash lights didn't.Check your radio wires and make sure its not grounding out.

How do you change four wheel drive switch in gmc Yukon located in dash?

well i just did it!take off your dash trim witch will reveal your 4x4 panel switch.disconnect the wire connections in back of the 4x4 panel switch.plug in the wires connections to the back of your knew 4x4 panel switchand carefully put your dash trim back on!

Where is the blower motor resistor on a 2005 dodge ram 1500?

Under the dash, passenger side. It will be the item with four or five wires.Under the dash, passenger side. It will be the item with four or five wires.

Is VIN on 1965 mustang on left side of dash?

Vin numbers were not in the dash until the 1968 model year on Mustangs.

Why does your radio in a MkIV golf get no power when the fuses are fine?

Could be a power or gound issue affecting the wires in the back of the stereo -- be hind the dash

Is there anyway to disable the photo sensor which turns on the nighttime lights on a 2000 Tracker?

The photo sensor should be on the right side of the top of the dash. Gently pry it up and unplug the wires going to it. Wrap the wires so they won't rattle and poke them back into the dash. Put the sensor back like you found it and your automatic lights will be fully manual from now on.

What in dash kit fits a 1989 Camry wagon?

the scosche one for 1989 Camry works perfect it wont say wagon on the back but it still works the scosche one for 1989 Camry works perfect it wont say wagon on the back but it still works