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How do you put a lien on a vehicle?

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how can i put a lien on a motor vehicle for a loan that was put out and no payment made yet on the personal loan

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Can i Put a lien on a vehicle to get my name on the title?

A person or a company that puts a lien on a vehicle is a "lien holder" that is on the title. It is not recognized as ownership.

Can a lien be put on someones vehicle if they owe rent money?

In this particular state you can not put a lien on a vehicle. There are 49 other states in the Union.

How do you put a lien on an auto in the province of BC?

I need to know how to put a lien on a vehicle in the province of BC

Can a loan company put a lien on your car if its not paid off?

If the vehicle was put as collateral for the loan, there already is a lien on it.

Can I get the lien off of a vehicle that is no good and put it on another vehicle that is in my name?

If I have a car in my name with a lien on it and the car Is only god for scrap metal can I put the loan lien on my wifes car if she transfers the car to me.

Can you put a second lien on a vehicle in Indiana?

If I sold a vehicle and the bank did not give me the whole amount owed towards the vehicle or the person buying the vehicle did not pay the remainder of the money can I put a second lien on the vehicle I live in Indiana

Can a lien be put on a vehicle with joint owners?


Does this vehicle have a Lien on it?

Does this vehicle have a Lien on it?

Can shop put lien on car if im still payin on it?

In most states a shop can put a mechanic's lien on the vehicle whether you are still paying the note or not. This means that you cannot sell the vehicle until you clear the lien.

Can your mother put a lien on your vehicle?

If you owe her money and she can prove it, yes.

Is it possible to have a lien put on your vehicle even if you have a clear title?


How do you receive a vehicle title that still has a lien?

You can't. If a vehicle has a lien on it the lien holder is the owner of record of the vehicle.

How do you put a lien on a car in Ontario?

A lien can be placed on a vehicle in Ontario by a mechanic or an automobile repair shop. This lien is often placed on the vehicle when there is a repair bill due and it has not been paid. The lien will be lifted when the bill has been paid in full.

how to tell if there is a lien on vehicle ?

free vehicle lien check ?

Can you put a lien on a leased car?

If it's leased from you, there's no need for a lien, as the terms of the lease already cover what a lien would cover insofar as asset recovery goes. If you're leasing the vehicle, then no, since you don't own the vehicle to put a lien on to begin with. Mechanic's liens, and government liens (e.g., impound liens), however are still applicable to a leased vehicle.

Can a tow company put a lien against you for not picking up the vehicle?


Can a lien be put on your spouse's vehicle if you do not own it and it is for a judgment again you and not your spouse?

its lion

How much can a vehicle be sold for once a lien has been secured?

If you have a lien on your vehicle, you can sell it for any amount. The vehicle is still subject to the lien which means that the purchaser can lose the vehicle if the lien holder collects on it.

Can a creditor's lawyer place a lien on a financed vehicle in the state of Texas?

When you signed the contract to finance the vehicle, the creditor put a lien on the vehicle. In the rare event that this was not done, it can be done later in some cases.Also, a creditor can place a lien on an already financedvehicle if there is more equity in the vehicle than the amount of the original loan. Generally, a creditor who obtains a judgment lien against you can arrange to place that lien against any property you own in order to satisfy the lien.

Can you put a lien on a vehicle for work rendered?

Yes. It's called a Garage Man's lien. You may need to apply for it but it can be done.

Who owns the vehicle you or the lien holder?

Well, you own the vehicle subject to the lien. You cannot sell or refinance the vehicle until the lien holder is paid. If you don't pay the lien, the lien holder can repossess the vehicle. So you own it subject to your paying the loan.

Purchasing a vehicle privatley with a lien?

If you accept a vehicle title that has a lien placed on it you become responsible for settling that lien

Can the collection agency sue for car that is worth 12000?

Yes - they can, or they can put a lien on the vehicle.

Who can put a lien on your motor vehicle registration?

No one can get a lien against your personal vehicle except the company that financed the car and the IRS or federal government. I am a licensed in MI, AZ, CA, and NV.

How can I sell a vehicle in Texas that has a mechanic's lien?

Either pay off the lien and then sell the vehicle, or sell the vehicle and use the money to pay off the lien.