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first try to touch it slowly, then tell her to relax! when you feel that she is relaxed then slowly try to inter herdon't rush take your time and inter slowly. after you inter it will give here pain but not as much as if you rush doing it. first time takes time and ends very fast so be careful!:)

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Pain in vagina during intercourse?

pain in vagina during intercourse is when there is no vagina fluid due to poor playing sex without fore play first.

Where are sperm deposited during intercourse?

into the vagina

What secretes mucus during sexual intercourse?


Is it harm full to urination in vagina during intercourse?


What causes air bubbles in a woman's vagina?

The male genitalia pushes air in the vagina during intercourse.

Is it dangerous that blood comes out from vagina during intercourse?

depends on how much

Why there is difficulty while entering the vagina during the intercourse?

Rub butter on it.

Can you get pregnant even though the sperm didn't come out?

Yes. The odds are not great, but sperm can leak out into the vagina during intercourse without climax.

Why blood comes from vagina during third time while fingering?

I think its because you are going into the vagina and hurting it

What is queefing?

Noises made by the vagina during intercourse.Gas escaping through the vagina, makes a farting noise

Should you lick her vagina during intercourse?

Yes, many women do like this.

Does the penis penetrate the cervix during intercourse.?

No. The cervix is at the back end of the vagina.

What do it feel like during vagina intercourse?

it feels f@#%!ng amazing!!!!

How do you shave your vagina with a lady shaver without it hurting you?

It should'nt hurt if you are doing it right

What is the name of organ through which penis is inserted in females during sexual intercourse?

The vagina.

How much of the penis enters the vagina during intercourse?

The depth of penetration is limited only by the wishes of your sexual partner and the size of her vagina.

Will pregnancy occur without intercourse?

Yes, pregnancy can occur if sperm gets near the vagina

Can a woman can get pregnant with pre-ejaculate and without intercourse?

If it gets onto/into her vagina - yes.

Is she pregnant without intercource?

Never one can be pregnant without sexual intercourse or direct sperm penetration and reaching the vagina.

What is the use and function of the vagina?

The vagina is the passage connecting the uterus to the outside of the body, the genital region. It contains the clitoris, which is the organ responsible for sexual stimulation during intercourse. The vagina serves as the repository for semen received from the male during intercourse, and the sperm will then travel to the eggs in the ampullary region of the fallopian tubes.

Where does the penis go during sexual intercourse?

Inside the vagina.or the mouth....or the anus......or the ear....i think

How do you know if the condom breaks during intercourse?

You take the penis out of the vagina and see if it's broken

What is hymen in females?

it is the thin membrane inside the vagina that is broken during intercourse or vaginal trauma.

What happens during sexual intercourse?

During sexual intercourse between a man and a woman, the man places his penis inside the woman's vagina. This is known as vaginal intercourse. Sexual intercourse could refer to any type of sexual activity in which one partner penetrates another. Other "types" of sexual intercourse include anal intercourse and oral intercourse.

What does Bucketing mean?

Having a large penis, while loosening up a vagina during intercourse. Therefore a tight vagina made into a saggy bucket.

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