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All you have to do to put the shock absorber on a tennis racket is to fasten the absorber between the two middle strings at the bottom of the racket head. Place one slit into the left string and the other slit into the right string and push it up until it starts to hit the horizontal string.

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ITF dictates use of shock absorber in a tennis racket. It can only be placed below the bottom cross string or above the top cross string.

You would put on a shock absorber, or a vibration dampener, on your racket. It's a rubber placed on the bottom of your racket to reduce vibration. Also, for the grip, well, you can put an overgrip. As for the frame, you'd put paint and those plastic things at the end to keep it from getting scratched.

To put a shock absorber on a tennis racquet, you need to separate the two strings you want to put it in between, get one side of the absorber in there, and then use your strength to get the other side to go into the other string. It takes patience, and sometimes a little bit of time if you are not very good at it.

Under the axel (rod for steering), NEXT to the shock absorber (spring for suspension)

So that is does not slip out of your hand.

hold the grip. if the tennis racket touches the flour just then it is perfect. if its too short then you wont be able to touch the floor when you put it beside you.

Follow the link to Tennis Warehouse below, it has a step-by-step tutorial and also has a video.

The front and rear axle of the vehicle works independently. Unless you have different type of absorber for left and right side, if not, there will not be any harm using either gas or hydraulic on different axle. Tks

probably the most common cause of tennis elbow is vibration from the racket. the vibration travels from the racket to your hand, to your wrist, and then to your elbow. if you want to know how you can prevent this, or help it, you can put a vibration dampener in the strings. that will help a lot.

To remove rear shocks:# Raise and support the vehicle and remove the wheels# Put a jack under the rear axle and raise it slightly to take the tension off the shock# Remove the lower shock absorber bolt/nut and disconnect the shock from the rear axle.# Remove the upper shock absorber-to-chassis bolt to release the shock from the vehicleTo install rear shocks: # Attach the shock absorber to the upper mounting bracket and install a new retaining bolt/nut.# Using the jack you put under the axle, slowly raise the axle while guiding the shock into the lower mounting bracket.# Install a new retaining bolt/nut and tighten to 50-68 ft. lbs.Don't forget to put the wheels back on...----Your Windstar may not have shocks. Please verify. My Windstar has a X look in the back with coil springs and thus no shocks because that is handled by the X.

To string a racquet, you will need to purchase a string machine which can be found at most tennis site, or you could bring it to your local tennis store and ask if they string racquets. They usually charge around $20.00 per racquet.

The last set of these that I fitted,were vauxhall supplied,and required just fitting.They were oil filled and ready to go. Don't think I remember any that could be filled with oil,just regard them like a big shock absorber.

have tried em all. the best shocker for ford is genuine ford shocks. they will outlast any other shock that you put on vehicle

The way you put your racket in depends on the type of bag it is and how much space is in your bag.

If your dog does eat the oxygen absorber the dog should be perfectly fine. They actually put oxygen absorber in healthy dog treats. Oxygen absorber is actually not toxic to humans or dogs, the only reason they put "DO NOT EAT" on the package is because they do not want you to put it as seasoning on the food. Just to make sure, if your dog does eat the oxygen absorber your dog will be fine. Hope this helps...

The little ball on your squash racket is used to absorb the shock when you hit the ball. Once you get your strings changed, though, you no longer need the ball because the strings that you get put on your racket are generally better than the ones that your racket came with. If you take off the little ball with the original strings, you will probably be able to feel a little difference when you hit the ball (it might vibrate a little).

you deside if u like a light racket or a heavier one, then you find your grip size which you put your thumb on the bottom of the racket and it should go to the tip of your pinky, whatever feels comfotable you dont want it to big or small so it slips. you dont want it to be too heavy because it will take more time for you to swing and more difficult.

Since not all players use shock dampeners, not all tennis racquet manufacturers place them on the racquet, though some will put one or two in a small bag attached to new racquets, so that the player may decide whether or not to use it.

dont put your foot in front of the base line, toss the ball as high as you can put your racket, make a check mark with your elbow, angle your feet with the net post and serve closer to the serving dash thing

how?? go to a store and pick out a raket then you pay the lovley person at the counter, then that person will usually put the money in to this thing called a cash register, after that you can take the raket home with you....what a ridiculous question!

You have to hit it after the bounce. Normally if its a medium speed wait until its level with your body and hit through at that point. If its very fast put your racket just in front of you and parry the ball back into the court.

Backwash first then shock. If you shock and then backwash you will be throwing away the shock you just put.

Answer Moisture absorberI am guessing, but I believe that is a chemical that absorbs moisture.

It is the same force but it is used more efficiently because the strings of the racket are put under tension like springs at the moment of hitting the ball, which with the ball's natural elasticity allows more energy to be transferred to the ball, making it go faster.

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