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How to put signatureon my metropcs android

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yes because i text all the time on a metro phone and it is fun

can u put a text signature on a kin phone

you can't get a signature but instead of a signature you can write whatever you wanted your signature to be at the end of a text message

If it's a feature phone, then no. You can download text to a smartphone using an app. Not sure if linking is allowed, but Google "Save text android".

Yes, text+ is available over Android search for text plus app on android.

All I know is that you can send text messages with an Android phone and get the Android App called "Twitter", and pretty much the same with iPhone, even though I am not fully aware of the apps available for the Blackberry smartphones.

no it depends on the type and which service it originates from. and if your phone can be used with Metro Pcs their are Limitations only "Voice and Text" can be used....

To change your T- mobile G1 signature you to go to the text settings. Click on Signature and change it

No but you can write them down in your notebook of text messages. That way you'll always have a little piece of conversation with you.

Yes, if you have an android phone, download silent chimp - text monkey and you can send an SMS text message at a time and date of your choice.....

usually there is a "settings" menu in the messaging screen and you can make a signature but it usually has to fdo with the type of phone you have. Try looking at the starting book that you get with the phone. it might be in there.

Yes, you can. Metro is the same as any other phone company. You just have to google " tracking phone messagings and calls" and a bunch of websites should come up. Hope this Helps, (:

AN UPSIDE DOWN QUESTION MARK IS USUALLY USED IN SPANISH... THEY HAVE OPTIONS AND MAYBE ITS NOT THE PHONE DOING IT ON ITS OWN, MAYBE YOU ARE TYPING IT ... #JustSayinn Actually...this happens to me whenever I add special characters to the text in the message and send it to any phone that does not have any android OS version. If, for example, I type 'á' it comes out something like '¿a¿'

Like you text anyone else; for example, if you want to text someone, you'd type 123-555-4567 as you'd type a regular number.

In an e-mail, an auto-signature is text that is added to the bottom of each e-mail that you send. Depending on your e-mail provider, the auto-signature button will probably open up a window in which you can write the text that you want for your auto signature. Many people include their business phone number in their signature.

how can i get a text message record from metro pcs?Type your answer here...

Android phones usually have such apps that convert text to talk using Google Play. One of these apps is called Talk-Text to Voice and has such specifications.

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