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As i am an owner of a 93 se ga ,and have just replaced my starter about a month ago .it is located on the front of the motor .Raise the vehicle ,support it good ,Tools you will need 5/16 1/4 inch socket ,1/4" and 3/8" rachet,15 mm 3/8 drive socket,10mm 1/4" drive socket, 8 mm 1/4" socket.Disconnect the battery cables from the battery, negative first (the black 1) then the positive (red 1).Climb under the car and remove the cover should be 3 or 4 10 mm bolts .remove that from the car.Now loosen the 15 mm bolts for the starter,there are 2 of them .starter should drop down now. drop the starter (it can hang by the wires)now loosen the ign wire (the small wire)from the starter with a 8 mm socket and remove the wire or wires .Then remove the 15 mm (some are 14 mm also) nut and remove the batt cable and alternator wires. starter is now out repeat procedure in reinstallation in reverse procedure .Hook up batt cables and lower car and start it then your done .

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no,will not line up

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Go to and put in your info.Go to and put in your info.

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Changing a starter in a 1985 Pontiac Sunbird is not very difficult. The car will first need to be jacked up. After the car is jacked up, locate the starter. The wires will need to be taken off the starter and labeled so they can be reattached to the new starter. The starter is then taken down by using a ratchet to take of the bolts. After the starter is taken off, the new one can be put on.

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yes, if your rims are the factory 16's.

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13.5 - 14.5

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try moveing the steering wheel it could be in the lock position so while you trun the wheel trun your key at same time

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Disconnect - battery terminal Raise and support vehicle Loosen and remove mounting bolts Drop starter Remove wiring from top of starter

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Follow manufacturer

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Assuming it has the 3100 V-6 its 155 Hp