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Q: How do you put a starter on a 2002 Saturn l seris?
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Put back seat in 2002 Saturn L200?

How do I put the back seat bottom back in my 2002 Saturn L200? The Mechanic took it out and did not replace it. How do I put the back seat bottom back in my 2002 Saturn L200? The Mechanic took it out and did not replace it.

How much would it cost to replace starter for a 2002 ford explorer?

HOw much is the labor to put a starter in a 2002 ford explore sports trac

2002 Saturn lw300 leaking power steering fluid daily?

my power steering fluid on my 2002 Saturn lw300 started leaking off and on but now i have to put put fluid in everytime i want to drive it.

How do you change starter 2002 sierra 1500 5.3L?

The starter on a 2002 Sierra 1500 5.3L is changed by disconnecting the negative battery cable and unbolting the starter. The starter is then lowered, the wires disconnected, and a new unit put in its place.

Why 2002 Saturn won't start?

i have a 2002 saturn and i took the stearin wheel out to change the horn and when i put it back together no light will come on and the car wont start

How do you replace starter on 2002 duramax diesel?

take it out and put in a starter from a 96 Honda civic becasue they are the same but the Honda has more power

Where is starter on 2002 ford explorer sport trac?

how much does it cost for labor to put a starter in a 2002m ford explore sports trac

How many quarts of oil does a 02 Saturn Vue v6 need?

You can put upto but no more then 5 quarts into the 2002-2005 Saturn Vue V6

Can you put a 94 Saturn engine in a 2002 Saturn?

CAN??? Yes, certainly. But there will be significant additional costs since the head and EGR system are different.

Can you put 195 tires on 2002 Saturn sl?

If you have 15 inch rims, use 195-60r15.

How do you remove a shift knob on a 2002 Saturn SC1?

Put the car in neutral and pull straight up, it will pop off.

Where is the transmission dipstick on a 2002 Saturn Vue?

i have a 2003 Saturn vue and there is no dipstick for the transmission fluid. its a plug. you have to take you car to a shop and get them to check it... i know it sounds crazy. but they usually have to put it on a lift to get to it.

Where is the crankshaft position sensor on a 2002 Saturn SL1?

the crank sensor is on the back of the engine above/behind the starter Two wires green connector I'm not sure of the exact position, but I had one changed on a 98 SL2 and they put the car on a rack to access it, sugesting it being underneath the crankshaft. Hope this helps.

Why would water run out the overflow tank of a Saturn 2002 sl?

you put way do much water in or you forgot to get the air bubbles out of it

Well you put a starter on altinater starter selonoid on and when you put hot battier cable on the starter ingage?

well my starter ingage when i put the the batterie cable on , new starter selonoid, starter,altnator, so whats the problum

What is the best oil to use in your 2000 sl Saturn?

Saturn recommends 5W30. But I put 10W30 in my 2002 Saturn SL2 now that it has higher mileage, and it runs like a gem. I use Quaker State High Mileage (with Slick 50) to give it additional lubrication.

Why does my Auto transmission jerks in 2nd gear?

i have a 2002 saturn ls2. my transmission jerks in first and second gear and when i put on breaks. what should i do?

What type of oil 2002 Saturn L200 with a 2.2l engine?

Any high quality 5W30 oil should meet the standards. However, I've only put FULL synthetic in our Saturn since we purchased it new.

How do you put a starter relay on a 1997 ford expedition?

The starter relay is inside the starter. You will need to replace the starter.

How do you get all three starter Pokemon in soulsilver?

put a Quagsire and put it in the day care with your starter poke'mon (Quagsire must be opposite gender of starter Pokemon)

How do I reset the check engine light on a 2002 Saturn SL1?

Under the hood, remove the fuse panel box. Remove the B fuse for 5 minutes and put it back in.

What kind of oil to put in a 2002 Saturn vue?

If you have the owners manual to the vehicle, it will tell you exactly what to put. Also if you open the hood to the engine compartment, you should find the recommended oil type on the motor where you put oil or it should be stamped somewhere in the engine compartment.

What are the Dashboard lights on 2002 Saturn L200?

I changed my dashboard lights (lamps) on my 2002 Saturn L200, it's not that hard. I put complete directions with photos here: lamps are 2752MF.You can buy the replacement bulbs from "". The link is their EBAY store. I used "miniature light bulbs 2752MF" from them, worked fine.

Why makes the starter on 1998 silverado engage when the positive cable is connected and the key is not in the ignition?

Did you put a starter on it ? If so, Then you have put the starter wires in the wrong place are you have the big battery wire touching the small wire that goes to the starter. Recheck the wiring on the starter.

Where is the place located to put transmission fluid in a 94 Saturn?