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You need to position a mirror so you can see and feel yourself. Once you have sorted out your anatomy you can do it by touch alone. The vagina does not go straight up, it goes more up and back so you need to put in the tampon at an angle. If you don't have a female relative who you can ask to help go to the school nurse, she has been trained to answer questions like this.

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You don't need to be able to see where your vaginal opening is, most people do not look at their vulva's every time they go to insert a tampon. You can insert a tampon simply by feeling where the vaginal opening is located and inserting as normal. If you cannot locate your vaginal opening then it's unlikely you understand your vagina well enough to know how to use tampons correctly, stick with pads.

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Q: How do you put a tampon in if you cannot see where your vagina is?
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How do you know if you have a tampon stuck in you?

Tampons cannot get stuck inside your body, you can forget about having inserted a tampon but that doesn't mean that it's stuck. If you suspect you may have left a tampon inside your vagina then you feel within the vagina for the tampon and remove it. Once you remove the tampon use pads for the rest of that cycle, and if you can't remove the tampon you need to see your doctor.

What if the doctor did not find the lost tampon inside of you?

If the doctor did not find a tampon inside your vagina then that's because there is no tampon inside your vagina. The vaginal canal is only a few inches in length and the cervix at the top stops the tampon from going any further into your vagina. The doctors look for the tampon by inserting a speculum so that they can see inside your vagina, there's nowhere for the tampon to hide.

What is the thing when you wear it you cannot see it but when you see you cannot wear it?


Would a transvaginal ultrasound see a lost tampon?

A transvaginal ultrasound would not see a lost tampon. Tampons can't get lost in the pelvis. A speculum exam would tell you whether there was a tampon in your vagina.

If you have a Pap smear can a doctor see if you have a tampon inside you?

If you have a tampon in your vagina, your health care provider would have noticed it during your pap smear.

Were do tampons go?

A tampon sits inside the vagina to absorb blood coming out of the uterus during a period. From the related link that I have added, you can see where a tampon rests

What happens if you have a tampon stuck in you for a month?

Tampons cannot get stuck, a tampon would only be in for a month if you left it there. Obviously you remove the tampon and don't use tampons again for some time so your vagina has a chance to recover. You will likely contract a vaginal infection like bacterial vaginosis so see your doctor for antibiotics.

How do you know if you have a tampon in?

You know that you have a tampon in because you physically inserted that tampon! If you think that you've forgotten about a tampon being inserted then you insert your fingers vaginally to check if there is still a tampon there. If you've left a tampon for too long then use pads for the rest of your cycles and watch for symptoms of vaginal infections like bad-smelling excessive discharge.

Why does it hurt when you tampon in?

It may hurt the first few times you insert a tampon but with practice it will get easier. If it hurts while it is in that means you did not put it far enough inside your vagina. When you put it in, walk around to see if it hurts. If not, then you inserted it correctly and do not have to worry. If it did hurt, take it out and try again with a new one.

Birth control - woman placing ring in uterus I want to see video clip of this method?

Women don't put a ring in their uterus, NuvaRing is placed in the vagina, against the cervix (like a tampon), the muscle tension in the vagina holds the ring in place. See link.

Will you bleed if you have a tampon stuck inside of you?

A tampon inside you won't cause bleeding, although it may cause odor. If you think you have a tampon stuck inside you, squat down, bear down, and put a finger inside your vagina. Do you feel a tampon? If not, there's probably not one in there. If you're still not convinced, see your health care provider or your local family planning office.

Can you see a picture of tampon?

Yes, you can see a picture of a tampon by googling for an image of tampons. You can also see a picture of a tampon on the side of a tampon box. If you were to buy tampons you would be able to see a tampon first-hand too!

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