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You need a manual to get all the torques and stuff right, but I'll give you the basics of it.

First, you never, ever change the timing belt alone. The water pump wears out at about the same rate as the timing belt, and you've got to remove the crank pulley to get the water pump, so change both at the same time.

Parts you will need:

Timing belt and tensioner.

Water pump

Two gallons of Honda-compatible antifreeze--the special Honda Genuine brand is best. "Any make any model" antifreeze will also work. Hondas are nitpicky about the antifreeze you use in them.

Parts you should change at the same time:

Oil and filter

Spark plugs

New radiator hoses

Any other belts--alternator, Power Steering pump and air conditioner, usually.

Tools you will need

Metric sockets and wrenches

400 lb-ft electric impact wrench and metric impact sockets

Floor jack and two jackstands, plus a block of wood

Torque wrench.


1. Jack up the driver's side and put the car on a jackstand. Remove the driver's side wheel. Unhook the battery. Remove the dust covers under the car if you still have them.

2. Remove the valve cover and rotate the engine until the "up" arrow on the cam pulley's pointing up

3. Remove all the belts, covers, etc. from the engine you can get to. Drain the coolant. Save it for recycling.

4. Make sure the "up" arrow is still pointing up.

5. Use the impact wrench to remove the bolt holding the crank pulley on. (This is the hardest bolt to remove in the whole car. If you don't have or can't get an impact wrench, don't even attempt to do this job because you won't be able to.)

6. Remove the cover you couldn't get to before.

7. Remove the old water pump and replace it with the new one. You will have to swap the pulley to the new one--they don't come with pulleys.

8. Check to be sure the arrow on the cam pulley is still pointing up. Remove the tensioner. Check the marks on the crank to be sure they're lined up. (At this point the cam pulley will have fallen into the right place, so as long as it's still pointing up you're golden.) Then remove the belt, put the new one where it goes, and install the new tensioner. Get the tension set right, then put the crank pulley bolt back in. Turn the engine over two revolutions. Did you feel anything hitting or hear any clanging in the engine? If you didn't you did good. If you did, you have to put the belt back on.

9. Put the lower timing belt cover back on, then the crank pulley (torque to 220 lb-ft; it will get tighter as you go along) and then all the rest of the parts in your car.

10. Look at the thermostat housing. There's a thing that looks like a bolt with a hole in it. That's your coolant bleeder. Open it and fill the radiator with coolant until coolant comes out of the hole in this bolt, then tighten the bolt. Put the radiator cap back on. Top up the coolant bottle.

11. Change the oil and spark plugs if you got new ones.

12. Hook the battery back up, put the wheel back on and set the car on the ground.

13. Try to start the car. If it starts, you're finished.

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Q: How do you put a timing belt on a 1987 Honda Civic CRX 1.2 liter 4 cylinder?
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