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How do I put one Webkinz on another account when I've already logged it on an account?

I'm sorry but there is no possible way to put a Webkinz on another account. :(

What happens when your webkinz account expiers?

you will have to buy a new webkinz and put it on that same account to reactivate it

How many webkinz pets can you put on one account?

You can put all the Webkinz you want on your account.That's what my daughter says.

What happens when your webkinz account expires?

You can make a new account or put a new pet on your current expired account. Both require buying a new webkinz

When you put a Zum on Webkinz world does it renew your account?

No, it doesn't. It's like a KinzKlip. You can only renew your account via a Webkinz or lil'Kinz.

Can you change your webkinz account birthday?

no after you put it in you cant change it

What happens when a Webkinz pet dies Do you get a grave or something?

a webkinz pet does not die,your account will, end but that means you only need to get another one and put it on the account

Does the Webkinz app really put Kinz Kash in your account?

yes it does

How do you rename a webkinz account?

you can not rename your webkinz account

Does Bridgit Mendler have a webkinz account?

do you have a webkinz account.

Where to find a deluxe webkinz?

you don't buy a deluxe webkinz. you have to buy the webkinz and then adopt it and then make an account and then have a credit card and then go to the estore and buy a deluxe membership and then make sure you put in your new webkinz account username! :D your welcome.

How can you have someones Webkinz account?

By buying a Webkinz and creating an account

Is the Webkinz a littiekinz or a Webkinz?

The big ones are webkinz, the little ones are lil'kinz. For both of them you have to go to WEBKINZ.COM and you can put them on the same account, but little ones are smaller and cuter.

How long does a webkinz account last?

one year from the date of your latest webkinz entry (if you buy a new webkinz it goes on until one year after you put it online)

Can you tack a webkinz and put them on another account?

Nope once you adopt it on one account you can't transfer it or anything.

What is a webkinz account you can use?

You may only play webkinz if you have an account.

Can you have a Webkinz account that works?

you can only use a webkinz account once

How do you get a parent account on webkinz?

It doesn't matter how old you are in order to have a Webkinz account. Webkinz is ment for everybody!

How do you get your webkinz if it is expired?

Get on to webkinz and put in your username and password. If your account has expired recently then you will have the chance to go and buy another webkinz and adopt it. If you wait long enough they will delete your account. hope that helped! =) if you have any questions just ask

How do you delete a webkinz estore account?

That is impossible, as you cannot delete a Webkinz account.

Do you have to pay for a account in Webkinz?

You only have to pay for the webkinz used to create an account.

Can you put retired webkinz pets on your account?

yes. you absulutley can.i did it . So you can do it too.

How many webkinz pets can you put on 1 account?

I am pretty sure endless pets

You dont want your webkinz account to expire?

Keep buying Webkinz. The account will expire one year after the last time you logged a Webkinz in. Keep logging in Webkinz, keep your account going.

Instead of renewing a Webkinz account by buying another Webkinz plush can you renew a Webkinz account just by repurchusing Webkinz deluxe memership?

Nope sorry just get a new webkinz