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put your sim card into the new phone

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You can sync your phone onto your PC and all your phone data (ie contacts) will be saved there as well.

Sorry, but no. But, if you know you'll be swapping phones, then I recommend writing down all your contacts (name and number) so when you get that new phone, you wont go through so much trouble finding those contacts again.

Install the "print your contacts backup emergencies" app It post all your phone contacts into the cloud for easy access.

Contacts are numbers you put into your phone with a name so you can just look up a name in your phone instead of memorizing all the numbers.

Notify your new cell carrier of your current number, and request it for your new service.Answer*Actually an easier way is to save your address book contacts onto your SIM card and have the store helper switch your SIM card with the one that came with your new phone. Then you have all your contacts with you.

Menu > Contacts> Mark all > copy to > usim (this may vary according to the phone model you have

It normally depends on what sort of phone you have. But there should be a menu where you can copy all contacts to memery card.

On your phone? Be more specific.

ONLY if your contacts are saved on your SIM card. If they're in the memory - and you re-set your phone to the 'factory settings' - you will lose all personal data including your contacts.

Wright down the contacts on a paper and send it to the new cell phone It depends on the type of phone you have and the service you have. My service includes a back up application, that automatically backs up all the contacts to my account. When I set up the new phone, it replicates back all the contacts and pictures and texts.

yes put it onto itunes then sync onto your phone. go on (file, open folder, limewire, open onto phone, individual or all songs onto phone, complete, sync, unplug phone.)

connect the data cable to the computer and copy all contacts from the folder which has it

Sync phone contacts to iPhone, firstly add contacts into Outlook list if you are Windows user or import contact into Mac AddressBook, then open iTunes and connect iPhone to pc, sync contacts from Outlook or AddressBook to iPhone.Maybe you wanna transfer iPhone contact to pc, or sync iPhone contact to another iPhone, so transfer contacts from iPhone to pc, and then sync contact to another iphone with iTunes.PC Transfer specially designed for iPhone users, can fast transfer all iPhone contacts or selected iPhone contacts from iPhone to PC as a .txt file and a .csv file at the same time in case of the important iPhone Contact being lost. Moreover, you can also transfer Music, Video, Podcast, TV Show, etc. from iPhone to PC, iPhone to iTunes or PC to iPhone efficiently and simply with this iPhone Contact to PC Transfer.Another option is to use which synchronizes contacts from more than 1200 phone models include iPhone, iPad, Android. All contacts can be transferred to another phone as well as to Windows or MAC OSX.

put your old Sim from your old phone into your blackberry and it will come up with settings and then it will say: do u want to copy contacts?, u click yes and its all done. ( make sure all your contacts were saved on your Sim before on your old phone)

You go to your settings category and look for memory. Go in and go to phone's memory. Then go to your contacts in the memory area and click options. You will see move and copy. Click copy and it will be on your memory card. Take the card out and slid it into your new phone.

well all you have to do is go on your phone book you can actually add yourself on your contacts and there you can see your phone number

There are only 2 ways of doing it. By calling Verizon or by going to a Verizon store. With a CDMA device (one that does not have a SIM card) the device has to be manually programmed and the new device's ESN has to be input into their billing system. This is why you must make contact with them one way or the other

you have to qo to where the "contacts" are located in the "menu" it will probably have and "options" button, then you qo to "add to contacts" OR "add contact." then you put in the name of the person, and their number then press "save" and keep doinq that over and over for all of the contacts you add.

If you take your phone into the store, they can transfer all contacts over. They have a system that connects the two phones for contact transfer.

sorry but unless you have saved all of your contacts you are destroyed,

From Apple Store, you can purchase an App called "Read vCard", then from iTunes you can easily add the files to this App Documents folder, and from the the iPhone App you can import all the contacts. There is another App lately released in Apple Store that supports multiple phone numbers, multiple language contacts.

The best way to synchronize your business contacts with a new phone is through Google contacts. Simply upload your contacts to your Gmail account and they will be accessible to any of your phones in the future.

You have already saved the contact details in your sim card. So the only thing that need to be done is check once again whether all the contacts you have are there only in the sim card, remove the sim from the Nokia phone and insert it into the Samsung phone. You can call any of your contacts. First your phone must be compatible and accept a sim card and you can simply transfer the card from one phone to another,it's about the size of but, thinner than the memory disk for a digital camera it is located under your battery pack . I only know this much because I didn't save to my sim card (First cell phone) not knowing and traded phone and lost a ton of tunes and numbers. blumtnangel If both phones have blue tooth or infrared, you can "copy" your contacts from the SIM card (should be an option in the menu) on your original phone and then send them to the new phone via the infra red or blue tooth options. You may even be able to do this without copying the contacts from SIM to handset

no you cant because an i phone has no bluetooth so you would be better to go to your blackberry and get all your contacts and go through them and put them in

=== === They hold all of your contacts. If you save the contacts to your SC, they will transfer to any phone you put the SC in to keep from having to add all them again. They are small, but they can hold alot of numbers and things.

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