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Go to equestrian center>boxes>manage the bedding in my boxes

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Q: How do you put bedding in the Howrse boxes?
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How do you lay bedding down on Howrse?

you have to have a groom at your stables and it'll automatically lay down the bedding in the boxes at your equestrian center.

How do you put bedding in the boxes?

Buy your chosen bedding from the EC stores so that you have it in stock. The groom will then change the bedding at the next update. When you next log on and check your EC the bedding and cleanliness stars will be starting to fill up. From Strawberry Fields on Howrse

What is the best bedding to put in the box in Howrse?

The bedding which gives the best prestige is flax.

I put bedding in my howrse boxes but it still says no bedding?

Try checking the equestrian center's FAQ. To get to it, roll your mouse over "HELP" near the top right. Click on "equestrian center faq" or "equestrian center frequently asked questions". you!!!

What bedding is best to use when your mare is due to foal on Howrse?

On Howrse, straw and flax are the best bedding for a mare who is due to foal.

How do you get bedding in on Howrse?

for the equetsrian center, you go to the equestrian center's store and buy bedding

How do you improve your equestrian center on Howrse?

You should get 18m boxes, 100% fertile clean meadows, flax bedding for the boxes, get your comps running, get good horses in your EC, 100% health care, carrots, and health mashes.

Can you give stables on Howrse?

You cannot gift stable boxes on Howrse.

How do you sell boxes on Howrse?

You can't.

How do you make straw bedding on howrse?

they sell it in the secret store

How do you find a pot of grease on howrse?

The only way I know how is to put your horses in their boxes, and if you are lucky, you will eventually get a pot of grease.

Which bedding is best to use when your mare is due to foal?

The answer for Howrse is Straw.

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