How do you put bra on?

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This depends on the kind it is. Most training Bras and sports bras go over the head, like a shirt will, and then you put your arms through the straps. For bras with hooked backs, then there is two ways to put them on. Many people put it on (meaning their arms through the straps, front covering the chest) and can then reach back behind then and hook the clasps closed. For people who cannot do that (they need to see the clasps in front of them), then you can put the bra around your chest, keeping the clasps in front of you and the cups behind you. Hook the clasps closed, then turn the bra around so that the clasps are in the back and the cups are comfotable on your chest, and then put your arms through. For bras that do naturally clasp in the front (usually between the cups), put your arms through the straps, adjust the cups so that they are comfortable, and then hook it closed. For strapless bras, do the same thing just without putting your arms through any straps.

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Q: How do you put bra on?
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