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How do you put cheat codes in on a ps2?

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βˆ™ 2011-07-15 20:51:05

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You find the cheat menu and put in the cheat.

2011-07-15 20:51:05
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Q: How do you put cheat codes in on a ps2?
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Where do you put cheat codes in on summoner ps2?


Can you put in cheat codes for predator concrete jungle on PS2?


How do you put codes on smackdown vs raw 2008 ps2?

go to cheat codes

How to enter cheats in Superman returns ps2?

Put pause then put cheat codes.

Cheat codes for ps2?

helicoptor cheat codes for vice city and

How do you put cheat codes in for ps2 game Pixar cars?

go on options and find the cheat code button

Cheat codes for madden 2010 for ps2?

any cheat codes for madden2010ps2?

Where do you put cheat codes in Spiderman 3 for ps2?

You can't the cheat menus just a big lie. Trust i own the ps2 and ps3 and Nintendo wii version

Where do you enter cheat codes into The Cat in the Hat PS2 game?

Why do you want to enter cheat codes into the Cat in the Hat Ps2 game

Cheat codes for mx unleashed on ps2?

peapel I am nine if you know how to get to the mian menu on mx unleashed ps2 then put it on here

San Andreas cheat codes ps2?

what is the animals cheat codes for san andreas all of then

Cheat codes for pro evolution soccer 2010 for PS2?

the aren't cheat codes for that game!

What are cheat codes for the sims2 PS2?

i do not know but go to cheat

Where can someone go to find PS2 cheat codes?

One can find PS2 cheat codes on a variety of websites. It will all depend on what game the cheat codes are for, but they are easily found on CCC website also known as Cheat Code Central.

How do you enter a cheat code in god hand on ps2?

How do you enter a cheat codes in god hand on ps2 tutorial

How do you put cheats into xiaolin showdown the game ps2?

I'm not quite sure if you can enter them in but has some cheat codes for it. I'm sure that usually lies about its cheat codes.

Unlock everything for midnight club 3 dub edition ps2?

you put the cheat in at the opitions go to cheat codes and type in /nevagiveup yourwelcome

Do cheat codes madagascar 2 for ps2?


Cheat codes for NBA 2k10 PS2?


Is there a cheat code for 1000000.00 on nfs pro street?

No. But there are little value cheat codes and regular codes for PS2.

How do you put in cheat codes for battletanx?

In the menu it will say put in codes then you click that and you put in the cheat code.

Where do you enter a cheat code in spider-man 2 on ps2?

there are no cheat codes for it

What are all cheat codes for Shrek 2 PS2?

its a console -.- you cant hack/cheat it

Where do you put cheat codes in for bubble struggle 2 and where do you enter cheat codes for it?

you can get cheat codes from

Is there a cheat code to unlock all cheat codes in bad boys Miami takedown for ps2?

there are always cheat codes for anything. check google