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I would urge you not to try this at home. Getting the window track aligned after putting in the regulator is a nightmare. It's worth the $180 or so to just pay someone to do this. If you don't, I garuantee your window will slide right out of the weatherstripping and you'll be pissed when you're all done and put it back together. Test the window's up and down movement numerous times before re-installing the trim panel. Adjust as necessary. It's no big deal and nothing to be afraid of. As I recall, removing the glass is not even necessary! Leave the tracks alone! With the window in the UP position, hold it up while you install the regulator. If working with one hand like this bothers you, take a few minutes to prop the glass up in the door with a piece of wood cut to proper size. When ready to connect the regulator to the glass, use the palm of your hand to maneuver the glass up or down in to position. Not difficult.

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Q: How do you put driver side window regulator back in the door for 1993 Honda Accord EX Sedan?
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What do you need to do to fix your driver side window on a 2001 Honda Accord LX the window is not off the track and the motor is running but the window will not go up?

Must replace window regulator

How much does a window regulator on Honda Accord EX cost?

i just got my 98 Honda accord driver's side window regulator replaced and it was $610 at the Honda dealership for the part + 3 hours of labor. what a rip off i just fixed my 2000 Honda accord driver's side window. cost $300+ with parts and labor. i looked everywhere and saw that the regulator and motor should cost less than $100, but they charged me about $200 for it. jerks.

Will a 1996 Honda civic front driver side window fit a 1996 Honda accord?

No, it will not fit.

Will the window from a 1990 Honda Accord fit into a 1989 Honda Accord?


Where is the voltage regulator on 88 Honda Accord?

in mom

Where is the voltage regulator located on a 2000 Honda Accord?

the voltage regulator is located in the voltage regulator compartment

Why do the manual windows on an 1987 Honda accord roll up and down with difficulty?

the gears of the window regulator are stripped, the mechanism needs replaced.

Where is the voltage regulator located on a 1991 Honda accord ex manual?

The voltage regulator for a 1991 Honda accord is mounted on the rear of the alternator. It is bolted on and can be replaced as a separate unit.

Where is the voltage regulator on a 1991 Honda accord?

Inside the alternator

What else could be wrong after replacing the driverside window regulator fuses and master power switch on a 96 Honda accord and still not work?

The power window motor could be bad.

How do you remove a Honda Accord window?

Break the window with an iron wrench.

Where is the antenna on a 2007 Honda Accord?

In the rear window

Where is the antenna on the 1997 Honda Accord?

rear window

What can be the reason for your 1990 Honda Accord driver side automatic seat belt not working after you got your driver side window glass fixed?

Call the glass company and tell them.

Change window regulator on 1997 Honda civic?

To change the window regulator on a 1997 Honda Civic the door panel will need to be removed. Once removed the regulator will be visible and can be replaced by taking off the mounting hardware.

How do you fix a 91 Honda Accord ex coupes window?

Depends on what is wrong with the window.

Where is the antenna on the 1998 Honda Accord?

wired in the back window.

How do you fix a 1996 Honda accord coupe power window when the motor works but the cable is off track?

You should by a new window regulator , not the motor. take your old motor off the old regulator and replace the old regulator, its off track for a reason, ....Its worn and damaged.AnswerYou should by a new window regulator , not the motor. take your old motor off the old regulator and replace the old regulator, its off track for a reason, ....Its worn and damaged. Kongkit Raggan-Supatanampon

Where is the fuel pressure regulator on a 1989 Honda Accord?

The fuel pressure regulator is located on the fuel rail of the engine. The regulator is placed at end of the fuel rail.

How do replace the window regulator on a 1999 Honda Accord. The cable has pooped and you have been told that you need to replace the entire regulator. The window is stuck down.?

I found having a repair manual specifically for your make/model/year a great start. I'm in the same boat and this is what I have found out and will be doing next weekend. First, I had the a screw placed in the regulator to keep the window up until I am able to replace the window regulator. The regulator comes complete with the motor, so what I will do is remove the current regulator have a friend holding up the window has I am doing this so I wont have to remove the window (to skip a step), then just attach the new regulator in the same place as the original.

Does a 1992 Honda accord have airbags?

Yes, I have a 1992 Honda Accord and it has a driver side airbag, it does not, however, have passenger, rear, or side airbags.

How much is cost to replace a window motor on a 2004 Honda Accord?

The cost of replacing power window regulators (motors) in a 2004 Honda Accord is dependent on where one sources the parts from and which shop they take it to. A power window regulator runs approximately $240 to $265 from the dealership. However, the same part costs $174 to $191 from OEM Honda parts sites. As far as the cost of labour is concerned, count on the job taking approximately 3 hours and- utilizing a commonplace hourly labour rate of $80- the total would be about $240. The grand total would be approximately $500 to replace one power window regulator on a 2004 Honda Accord. Of course, it would cost more to replace multiple regulators.

96 Honda accord Widow to hard to roll up by hand?

on one 95 accord that I purchased, the Driver side window was really hard to roll up and when I took the door apart to look at the regulator I think the the window was bolted in on the wrong side of the regulator. easy fix because all i had to do was back out the two bolts, muve the window up and over a touch and tighten the bolts again. One more thing you could look at would br to make sure the window is in the propper track (the rubber on the front and back of the window frame in the door that you can always see from outside the car.,the rubber seals.) if the window is not in propper alignment then it is binding.

Where is the obd port on a 2002 Honda Accord?

The OBD port on a 2002 Honda Accord is located on the engine. There are other vehicles that have it on driver side of the dashboard.

How do you tighten a door handle on a 97 Honda Accord?

with a screw driver