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93 and older takes refrigerant R-12 which you can't buy, so you can't do it yourself. Many people however have had pretty good luck just doing an evacuation and recharging with 134-A. You can buy the 134-A at any K-Mart,Walmart, or auto parts store.

AnswerNo need to worry where it goes; you can't do it yourself and they don't use freon anymore in a lot of places.

Kmart ,wal mart and most auto parts stores have a conversion kit for sale that costs about 40 bucks .Converting your r 12 system to r134a. there is detailed instructions and a DVD video with it explaining what to do .So yes you can do it yourself ,but if at anytime you hear something that sounds like an air leak stop the process (because you have a leak)..also if you already have r12 in the system you will need to go to a qualified a/c specialist and have the r12 removed(discharged).then you can do the conversion from the r12 to the r134a yourself .

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Q: How do you put freon in a 93 Grand Am SE V6 and can I do it myself?
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