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How do you put hair extensions on?

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Alot of hair extensions have a section of clips, And Take The Top Layer Of Your Hair And Tie It Up, Un-Clip All Of The Clips And Slide It In To The Top Where You Tied Your Hair up And Clip Them In Place Untie your Hair And Voila!

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Does your hair fall out when you put extensions in?

Your own hair should not be damaged if your hair extensions are put in properly.

How do you put in colored clip-on hair extensions?

just put the hair and hair extensions on the clip and... walla

Does getting extensions in your hair hurt?

I have hair extensions and there was no pain at all when they were put in.

Where do you put hair extensions?

It depends what kind of hair extensions you have. It you have 18' in. then you put them by the end of your skull if it's 16 you put it higher and so on.

Where do you get hair extensions?

You can them put in your hair at beauty salons and such.

How do you put on Tasha Hair Extensions?

You don't put them in....

Can you put in your clip on hair extensions without hairspray?

Yes, you can put your clip on hair extensions in without using hairspray. If you do use hairspray, never spray directly on the extensions.

What are the easiest types of hair extensions to use?

There are no easy to use hair extensions. All extensions require some time to put in and should be done by a professional.

Where can you get feathers hair extensions put in?

in barber shop

Can you put a relaxer on human hair extensions?


How do you get Miley Cyrus's hair?

dye it brown/ curl it and put hair extensions in kk

How do you cut your hair into emo scene hairstyle?

First You get Your Hair Layerd, Then What I Do is Go To Claires And get Colorful Extensions(or Hot Topic). I Put The Extensions In, Then I Straighten All Of My hair, ITease It, Then I Spray Tons of hair Spray. Then i Put cute Hair accessories in<3

What price should someone expect to pay if they want to buy hair extensions?

The price for hair extensions can go as high as $3500 if you are to go to a hair salon. Prices for hair extensions are expensive and would cost a little less if you were to have them put in yourself.

Are hair extensions damaging to my natural hair?

Hair extensions that are put in correctly should cause no more damage than brushing or combing your hair. For the best results, a qualified hair extensionist should be used.

Are there any deals for feather hair extensions online?

You can get feather hair extensions from any hair provider, but you will need to find someone who knows how to professionally put them in your hair because you can not just insert them yourself.

Does Marion Barber have extensions in his hair?


How do you put in clip in hair extensions?

You part your hair in the positions that you plan to put the hair. You tease the hair before you put it in to avoid pulling of the hair, then you clip the hair in and cover it up but make sure they are not showing.

How long does it take to have hair extensions put in?

It depends on what method you are using to put hair extensions in your hair. Fusing takes along time. More than several hours. With anything type of hair extensions that are longer lasting than clip-ons, be prepared to spend from 3-5 hours or more at the hair salon. I stick to clipons as I change the color with my mood.

Can you bleach hair extensions?

You can bleach human hair extensions, yes. Be careful & treat your extensions as you would your own hair because like your hair, extensions can get fried & damaged.

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Does Britney Spears have long hair again or is she wearing Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions!

Do extensions harm your hair?

If put in by an inexperienced stylist or improperly maintained by you, yes.

Is there a website that shows how to make feather hair extensions?

If you want simple yet stylish, easy to make feather hair extensions, then this website is certainly for you. Not only are there step by step photographs of the process, but they also describe how to put the extensions in your hair, and where to buy your materials, complete with links

Does Brenda Song have hair extensions?

Brenda wears hair extensions

Are extensions bad for your hair?

It depends on the extensions. Most of them are okay but the ones that you braid into your hair cause a lot of tension on the roots and can be sore for a few days. You shouldn't put these in to often. Clip in extensions are the best because they sit on the hair, they don't cause any damage.