How do you put in a new CD player in a 1999 Sunfire?

I have not installed a new CD layer in my 99 sunfire yet but have been discussing it. Whatever you do DO NOT TAKE OUT THE OLD ONE. You have to keep the old one hooked up in the trunk because the minute you turn your new CD player w/o the old one hooked up...your air bags will deploy. Make sure you wire in the old one, and you can keep it in your trunk!!!

The previous post is incorect, there is no need to relocate the radio. Airbag, or any other system, will not be affected in pre 1999 cars. Starting in 2000 a different system is used making it necesary to relocate the stock radio to the trunk to preserve the door chime and onstar functions ONLY. If you don't have these systems, or don't mind if there disabled then there is no reason to relocate the radio. For more info visit

Forgot to add how to remove the radio. Open the glove box all the way, you have to pull the latch thing out of its slot to get open enough. Remove the two screws for the radio trim plate from the left side of the glove box. Pull the trim plate off, unscrew the radio, unplug the harness. Hook up your new radio and enjoy.

The last answer is correct. just go to any electronic store and get a stereo harness adapter, it plugs right into the one that is unpluged from the factory radio, and a stereo mounting kit, the wires are all color coded to the after market radio wires its very easy they cost about 15.00 each best buy or wal-mart should have them have fun.good luck ( brad Maine )

For my 2000 Pontiac Sunfire SE I have bought a new CD-Player and the "GM 88+" wiring harness did NOT work. I had to go buy a special one that is marked for a 2000 Saturn. The GM wiring harness looked absolutely nothing like the original connecter that went into my factory CD-Player. All the information I had to work with was that the red power wire from the new CD-Players wires had to get its power from elsewhere. I'm guessing a fuse but I'm not sure. Any suggestions??