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How do you put in an after market radio in a exterra?

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2010-02-12 21:01:36

Not too difficult. It will require about an hour and a basic

understanding of car audio.

This is not fully detailed, just the basics. You will need to

purchase 2 things.

1. Vehicle Specific Mounting Kit


2. Vehicle Specific Wiring Harness (same website)

The process goes like this:

1. Remove the factory stereo

2. Install the mounting kit which will include a little plastic

compartment to fill in the extra space created by having a

smaller-than-factory stereo.

3. Connect the wiring harness to the vehicle's existing harness.

This should be compatible with your replacement stereo (make sure

they are compatible)

4. Connect your new stereo to the harness (which goes between

your new stereo and the vehicles current wiring harness) and slide

the stereo into place.

Done! Enjoy.

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