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How do you put movies on a PSP?


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you need to link your psp up to the computer and then open the psp folder in my computer. Go to the folder called movies and drag it in or if that doesn't work then open a folder called psp and search for the folder movies.


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No the thing you put into the psp 3000 can't be put into a psp go but there might be another way...

has to be mp4 movies like the psp

yes you can watch movies on a psp

via USB, same as transferring the game in psp but put the video clips in video folder.

plug your psp into your PC and then find your files and before that download movies to your PC and then copy them to your psp file and there you go your done JimmiesB12343

one of the psp movies is click and another on is skateboarding

You need to get software that converts movies to the proper format for PSP. They need to be MP4 movies not avi movies.

Make a folder on the memorystick called,in these exact letters, movie.

No, the PSP GO has no UMD slot.

how to put pictures on a psp????

how do you put internet on a PSP?

you can't download movies directly to your psp but you can download them to your computer and convert the files into mp4 using software like Nero, and then you put the movies on your psp. If you use Nero you can also trim the movie, and boost the voulme and add sub titles if you wish.

PSP UMD movies are about a lot of different things. Basically it is movies and television shows released in the United States on the Universal Media Disc (UMD) for the Playstation Portable (PSP).

The UMD movies for the PSP can be bought at various local retailers like Walmart and Best Buy. Online retailers like Amazon also sell the UMD movies for the PSP.

GameFly has UMD movies for the PSP. Otherwise, no.

the first tv device for psp was started with psp 1000 so obviously psp 3000 also can show movies and tv shows with the tv device

Open my computer and then plug your psp in. A new drive should come up. Open it and select videos. Then go back to itunes, and drag the movie to the my computer task bar, without releasing the mouse, drag it onto the screen. If your psp has enough memory, it will put the movie onto your psp. I think it works, because that's exactly how i put music from itunes onto my psp!

no. that is why i have the psp 3000.

The thing that powers the PSP. It also enables you put put Custom FirmWare on the PSP

A psp mod is a modify that someone does to there psp to allow them to play downloaded games, movies etc.

You can put television shows on your PSP but you can't watch actual television on it. There is a free program you can download called PSP Video 9 that is used to covert video viles into a format that is compatable with the PSP allowing you to watch television shows,movies, etc.

You can't. It is not for PSP.

You buy one, and connect it to the psp.

Yes, PSP games are not region locked, though PSP movies are.

No, UMD movies are region locked. A Japanese PSP can play only Region 2 UMD movies, US ones are Region 1.

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