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I'm confused. I can tell you how to change the tensioner on a 7.3L Powerstroke. The problem is Ford did not make a Powerstroke until 1994. Is your truck a 1992? What is the 8th digit in your VIN Number? If it's an F you have a Powerstroke. Let me know so I can help you with your question.

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โˆ™ 2006-09-05 03:34:36
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Q: How do you put on a belt tensioner for a 1992 73 diesel powerstroke engion?
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Does a 1992 powerstroke have a turbo?

In 1992 the only diesel engine ford offered in it's F250/350 trucks was the 7.3 IDI naturally aspirated diesel. It wasn't a powerstroke engine. Powerstroke engines were introduced in 1994 and were direct injection diesel engines. A 1992 7.3 IDI did not have a turbo.

Where is the tensioner pully on a 1992 Lexus sc300?

Where is the tensioner pully on a 1992 Lexus sc300

Did the 1992 Ford F-350 come with a power stroke engine?

no, the (powerstroke) or 7.3L Direct injection turbo diesel was not available until mid 1994 year. the 1992 f-350 was available with a 4.9L, 5.8L, 7.5L, gas motors or a naturally aspirated (no turbo) 7.3L diesel engine.

1996 e350 diesel and want to put engine into a 1992 f350 diesel?

To put a 1996 7.3 powerstroke engine into a idi diesel truck you would have to transfer the ecm and the entire engine wiring harness over the old truck, the 1992 is a non-electronically controlled engine and the 1996 cannot run without a computer because it has high pressure electronic unit injection. This swap is possible, but very difficult.

How do you install belt tensioner on 1992 Plymouth voyager?

In order to put in a new belt tensioner in a 1992 Plymouth voyage you must first release the belt from the stock tensioner and remove. Next install the new belt with the stanchions given.

When was Shaq Diesel created?

Shaq Diesel was created in 1992.

Is there a tensioner pulley on a 1992 cavalier 4 cylinder for changing the serpentine belt?

Open the hood and look. If it has a serpentine belt there is a tensioner.

How to replace serpentine belt on 1992 buick lesabre?

Loosen the tensioner pulley on your 1992 Buick LeSabre. Take the serpentine belt off. Put the new serpentine belt on and tighten it down with the tensioner pulley.

How do you put an alternator belt onto a 1992 Toyota pickup?

You will need to loosen the tensioner pulley. Put the alternator belt on. Push the tensioner pulley to the left until the alternator belt is tight. Tighten down the tensioner pulley.

What is the Oil capacity of 1992 Ford F-250 diesel?

The 1992 f250 Diesel holds about 14 quarts of oil. Add slowly and keep check on the dipstick. This will keep from overfilling.

How do you change a serpentine belt in a 1992 Geo Prizm?

Loosen the belt tensioner and take the old belt off. Put the new one on and let the tensioner back in position. If you don't have a tensioner, you'll have to loosen the alternator and ac compressor adjusting bolts.

Horsepower of 1992 dodge diesel?

160 Hp stock

How much oil for 1992-7.3 diesel?

fifteen qts

How do you adjust tensioner to replace thrown belt on 1992 buick lesabre wac v6 4.3?

The tensioner is automatic, no adjustment needed. If you threw the serpentine belt then look for a misaligned pulley or worn tensioner wheel. If you need to move the tensioner to get the belt back on then look for a square hole in the tensioner arm. Use a breaker bar with the appropriate sized square (probably 3/4") to move the arm to get the belt back on. probably tensioner is bad like a failed bearing

How do you loosen belts on 1992 Mazda 2600I?

try to push the belt tensioner in then the belt should come loose

How do you replace tension pulley 1992 Le Sabre?

should be a single bolt in the center of the tensioner probly 15mm

How do you release the tension on the belt tensioner to remove the alternator on a 1992 ext cab silverado?

put a wrench on the pulley side of the tensioner (15mm?) and turn. The pulley arm will move & loosen up the belt.

How do you tighten the serpetine belt on a 1992 buick park avenue?

There is a tensioner pulley on the belt and this should take care of this. Check the diagram of the belt routing just in front of your radiator. Tensioner pulley may be stuck also

How do I put a tune up on a 1992 dodge power ram 250?

How do i tune up 1992 diesel dodge pick up

Where is the wiring diagram for a 1992 Dodge ram 250 diesel?

The many pages of wiring diagrams for a 1992 Dodge are in service manuals.

What is the Towing capacity of a 1992 dodge diesel?

Isn't it what ever you can fit on the trailer?

Curb weight 1992 f350 diesel dually supercab?

7580 lbs

What is the size of a turbo on a 1992 dodge ram turbo diesel?

h1c, I think?

Installing fan belt on 1992 Chevy k1 blazer?

Put your new fan belt around the pulleys of your 1992 Chevy Blazer. Tighten the fan belt with the tensioner pulley.

How do you take a tensioner pulley off a 1992 ford bronco?

Put a wrench on the nut then pull hard cw that's should loosen the tensioner so the belt will come off. Let go then loosen the nut ccw

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