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There exists an entire industry of computer geeks who are looking for ways to proved copy protection so that people can't do exactly what you're describing. They want you to BUY the application rather than make copies of it. Depending on the level of copy protection involved, it can be as simple as copying the disk or copying the application and associated files all the way up to virtually impossible. Some companies don't worry about it, others have imbedded a small amount of data at a specific address on a CD. When the CD is copied, the data isn't technically in a file, so the data isn't copied. During installation, the application may search the disk for that data using their own direct addressing methods and if the data isn't there or the wrong information is there, the application will fail and may actually cause damage on it's way down, depending on how malicious the programmer was. In general, if you don't already know how to do it, don't bother.

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Q: How do you put software on a CD for use in another computer?
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