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Q: How do you put someone to sleep on assassin's creed 3?
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When is Assassins Creed revelations come out?

November 18 i thing, ubisoft tries to put an assassins creed out every year

How do you put on your hoodie after beating assassins creed 3?

you cant

What language is in assassins creed?

probably latin because it is put in early Italy

Where do you put the cheat in on Assassins Creed?

No Where because there aren't any cheats maybe on PC.

How do you put money in your villa on assassins creed 2?

it just goes into it when u steal

How do you get the military guys armor in assassins creed 2?

There is a certain mission where you put on the guards armor and walk to meet the spaniard

Can ammonia put someone to sleep?


What is the story line in Assassins Creed Brotherhood?

Ezio goes to Rome to put an end to the Templar Order and he has young Asssassin's helping him.

Where are the power outlets on assassins creed brotherhood?

if your meaning in 2012 in Monterigionni then put on Eagle Vision and you'll see then throughout the town.

How do you get the 22nd weapon in assassins creed 2?

it is the condottiero hammer. you unlock it when you have put 50 feathers in the chest in maria's room in the Villa Auditore

When does assassins creed 2 come out?

assassins creed 2 comes out on the 17th of november, CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!Another member:Yeah i so want to play assassins creed 2 with all the new updates and new stuff.It sucks because its gonna be a long time like 4 months until it gets out =( i wish they could just put the game in stores now.ITS GONNA BE AWESOME!!!!assasin's creed 2 was meant to come out 5 months ago but they thought it would be better to put it closer to cristmas.

What do you do in the colluseam as desmond assassins creed?

I take it you mean put about assassins creed do no go into the colluseam in Assassins creed 2.But anyway, what you have to do is find your way throght the colluseam to meat up with the others.SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERSIF YOU DO NOT WANT TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN THE END DO NOT READ ANY MORE./////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////After you meat up with the others you have to run around this big room while the god person from Assassins Creed 2 talks to you. She makes you stab that girl from Assassins creed 1 and that follows you through Assassins creed 2 and Brotherhood because she is seakratly a Templar.SPOILERS OVER SPOILERS OVER SPOILERS OVERHOPE THIS HELPS YOU FELLOW ASSASSIN

How do you put the Cerberus to sleep on poptropica?

Go to the music place get someone to show you the tune to play to put it to sleep and then play it for the cerberus to put it to sleep.

How educational is Assassins Creed III?

Not very much at all. It is only a good reminder of times in History Class. You encounter real people and events from the Revolutionary War, but it isn't educational. Another person: Assassins Creed III has so much history, i don't even want to think about it, even in the Game Informer Magazine, they said they put a lot of hard work into making the game, they felt they should also put in a source of History since that is what it is all about "History is our Playground" -Assassins

How do you put your paintings in monteriggioni on the walls in assassins creed 2?

Whenever you buy a painting at any art shop around the various cities, the painting is automatically hung in the Monteriggioni villa, you do not need to put it there yourself.

What does the assassins creed 2 armor look like?

i dont actually no but if any1 does get the six plates and u see the armor and this plz then plz put the answer on here it wud be amazin and u wud be a legend of ASSASSINS CREED 2. The assassin legend, Yo, listen i got all the plates and the armour and sword, but how am i gonig to give you a picture?

How do you change to Ezios civilian clothes in Assassins Creed 2?

Once you put on the Assassin's out fit, that is the only one you can wear. You can change the colors of it at the tailors but you can't go back to the civilian outfits.

In assassins creed 2 how do you bet the part when you need to find the vault?

u have to get all 30 codex pages and put them on the wall in ur villa then arrange them to look like a map of the world

How to put someone to sleep fast?

to read them a story

What flute note can put someone to sleep?

A sharp

How do you access the original assassins creed on revelations?

this only works on ps3. put the disc in your ps3, then go to your home screen. go to the game section. there will be 2 disc icons. one is assassins creed revelations, the other is the original. click on the original, then click on the game. it will install it your hard drive. then it will appear on your games list. you just have to click on it here to play it. the disc must be in the ps3 to play it though, :/. hope i helped

Does assassins creed have a language filter?

Kinda,on the menu they have an option where you can put subtitles on.With the subtitles it'll show what the characters are saying in Italian but then it'll show what it means in English.Or what ever language you use

Will your dog be put to sleep if he bites someone?

Not necessarily but maybe.

What happens on Camazotz when someone has a cold in A Wrinkle in Time?

They are put to sleep or to put it simply they are killed

What to say when someone has to put their dog to sleep?

Woof woof woof.