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this is what I know about my Plymounth (1990 Sundance): 1. You must remove the side panel by removing the armrest (3 Screws). 2. remove the black placing by pushing to the left and lifting, 3. remove the side by inserting a screw driver under it and and podping the clips (careful you need the clips when you replace the side panel. 4. remove the speaker by unplugging the clip, 5. look at the left side of the window there should be two lack plastic thing that I will call wings. If these are broken the window will not stay in the track and you need a new window. 6. The windows track appears to be in the door frame. You will need another person to assist you, 7. If the wings are missing or the window is broken go to a junk yard where you can take out he window and do so. This is a great learning experince you will use to replace the window in your car. 8. There is a big nut assembly holding the window and this and the track appear to be the only things holding the window in place. (BE VERY CAREFUL!!!) you can break the glass by loosening it in the wrong direction or screwing it in too tight. 9. Now one person sit in the drivers seat facing the window with the door open. 10. the person in the car seat will slowing rise the window lift it in place by putting their hand in the door and also clowily cranking the up. perso numbe two will insert a flat blade screw driver in the track and gently by turning the screw driver pop the wings into the track. 11. replace the speaker, screw, door panel and arm. Done.

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Q: How do you put the driver's side window back in a 1992 Plymouth Sundance?
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