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The Finder icon should reappear in the Dock after restarting the computer.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-14 18:06:22
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Q: How do you put the finder icon back into the dock after being deleted?
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How do you download safari if you accidentally deleted it?

I doubt very seriously you actually deleted Safari. You may have deleted the shortcut icon but not the program. Open applications or finder and I bet it is still there. If so, just drag the icon to the dock.

How do you keep dashboard in the dock?

Don't touch it; don't drag it to the desktop. and if you do, just go to FINDER, APPLICATIONS, then drag "dashboard" back onto the dock. == ==

How do you open imovie on a mac?

If it isn't on your dock, go to your finder, search imovie, drag it to your dock, and click it on your dock.

Where do you find your garageband on a MacBook Pro?

In default settings, it will be on your dock. The icon is a guitar. If it was removed from your dock, search for it in the finder.

How do you add downloads to your dock for mac?

i think you open your finder and go to downloads and drag the download you want to the dock

Where is application file on mac?

You can access Applications from the Dock or by clicking Finder.

How do you get the applications book on iMacs?

Click Applications in the Dock or open the Finder and click Applications on the left.

How do you force quit?

On a mac go to the blue apple and click. Force quit the operating system, not finder. In my case I use Firefox. Then go to the dock and click the system back on.

How do you get i movie on your doc?

Open finder, applications , imovie drag to your dock! If you have to many already there move some!

How do you get widgtes on a MacBook?

Widgets come with these mac softwares: 10.4 (Tiger) and 10.5 (Leopard). These softwares contain "widgets". Upon installation of the software, or if you haven't moved any of the dock icons around, you should see the finder symbol on the dock, and immediately to the right of the finder symbol on the dock is a black clock thing, which is the icon for widgets. They do not come with 10.3 (Panther) or lower.

How do you charge iPod from dock?

place the ipod into the dock and plug the cord into the wall and the back of the dock.

How do you find macontosh HD on your mac laptop?

Click on the Finder-icon in your dock. Your HD is visible at the top of the side bar.

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