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How do you put the past behind you and stop dwelling on what could have been?

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Well it is not good to dwell on things period! It might take a while to get over a situation but sooner or later you will be on with life. It is not good to think about what could have happened because you should be happy about what has happened in your life and what you have now and not what you could of had.

So basically just think about everything you have now and not dwell over the things you thought you could of had!

I think whoever asked this questions is aware of the fact that dwelling on past is not good and is looking for solution to this problem. the question is not whether is good or bad but how...

2013-08-11 15:21:09
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Q: How do you put the past behind you and stop dwelling on what could have been?
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The dream suggests that the dreamer has been dwelling on the past. The old boyfriends could represent things, subjects, pastimes or interests from the past that no longer appeal to the dreamer. The dream seems to be demonstrating how the dreamer has changed and matured through the years.

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It depends on how it is being used, but the past tense of the verb "to be" would be "been", and the plural form could be either "has been", "were", "was", or "have been".

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It is hard to say because this is not a complete verb phrase It could be past.

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a scientist

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