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Some breeds of shark can be placed into a catatonic â??tonicâ?? state by placing hands on their snout in the area surrounding the eyes. The tonic state lasts around 15 minutes. Female sharks are most responsive to the tonic state. Great whites are the least responsive breed to tonic state.

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What do you do after you put the shark to sleep?

get in the water and swim to the right

How do you put the shark asleep poptropica Shark tooth island?

There is this man on this building that makes coconut medicines and you need a medicine that will put him to sleep

How do you put a shark to sleep?

(for the Poptropica game, see the related question)

How do you put the shark to sleep on shark tooth island?

Find the three ingredients for a sleeping potion, and have the medicine man mix it and put it in a coconut. Feed it to the shark. (see related question)

Do shark sleep?

Scientists don't really know if shark sleep or not

What do you do after you put the shark to sleep on shark tooth island?

Swim right to the island to rescue the missing boy. Lead him back to the beach.

How do you defeat the shark on shark tooth island?

You collect three ingredients, mix a sleeping potion, and put him to sleep. (for the solution, see the related question)

Where do shark sleep?

sharks sleep in the water

How long do a shark sleep for?

they dnt sleep

Does the hammerhead shark sleep?

all sharks do not sleep.

Does a tiger shark sleep?


Does a whale shark sleep?

it does not

Where do you find the girls son in shark tooth island on poptropica?

you have to put big booga to sleep then swim past where he blocked you.

On shark tooth island how do you get the fisher man back from the small island?

you need to get the sleeping potion from the guy up the tree and put the shark to sleep and you can save the old man and his son

Hammerhead shark do they sleep?


Do iridescent shark sleep?


Where do hammerhead shark sleep?

hammerheads sleep in the low part of the ocean

Do sharks sleep and how?

Yes and no. How they sleep is this. Half of the shark is asleep and the other half is not

Where does a tiger shark sleep?

Wherever he likes.

How does a great white shark sleep?

It doesn't.

What does a great white shark do in a day?


Does the great white shark sleep?

Yes the great white shark does sleep while moving scientists have not yet figured out how but they manage to keep floating/and/or swiming.

Do aquarium sharks sleep?

most shark live in the aquarium don't sleep just like the great white shark they only sleep when they are really tired and when people is not there just like when it is night time.

Is there an animal that never sleeps?

One animal I know that never sleeps is a Shark! If the Shark sleeps then the shark will stop swimming and then stop breathing and soon die so Sharks do not sleep!A shark never sleep because it has to swim to breathe.The bullfrog.The bullfrogfish don't sleep, they rest in a state that energy is not lost from their bodies or conservedAnts never sleep.antHourses

Where does hammerhead shark gets food?

Humans when they sleep.

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