How do you put the top down on a 1991 Mercury Capri convertible?

Unhook the latches holding down your top Slightly lift back the top from where it was latched down While it is lifted slightly pull the back part up and out of where it is hooked to the back Fold the back flap with the window up Use your key to unlock the top (located behind the drivers door) Pull up the handle under where you put the key in Lift the hinged lid behind your back seats Lower the back flap with the window While you are pushing the entire top back and down you have to take hold of the number 2 metal bar(located right above your head when you are sitting) and pull it forward so the top will go all the way down and fit properly. Once the top is all the way in close the plastic cover. If the top doesn't fit in all the way than you did not pull the 2nd bar forward. Do not force the plastic top to go down all the way just put the top back in place and try again. It takes a couple of times to get good at it but don't worry the 1st time is the hardest.