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How do you put your DVD movies onto Windows Movie Maker?

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2010-01-23 17:03:21


DVD movies that are protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management)

can't be imported into Windows Movie Maker. Read this:

DRM stands for digital rights management. DRM is a technology

used by content providers, such as online stores, to control how

the digital music and video files you obtain from them are used and

distributed. Online stores sell and rent songs and movies that have

DRM applied to them.

Windows Media Player as well as most online stores and new

devices support or use Windows Media Digital Rights Management 10

(DRM 10).

There are DVD decoders you can download online. The only problem

with decoders, is that they are constantly evolving. In other

words, a DVD decoder that worked for you yesterday, may not work

for you tomorrow.

It's probably best to use DVD clips downloaded from the

internet, rather than attempting to decode a DVD protected with

DRM. That's my opinion anyway.


Downloading clips off the internet is a good way to put DVD

movie clips onto WMM (Windows Movie Maker), but you can also

decrypt the DRM protection on your dvds, by downloading a

DVDDecrypter. Then you can use the clips from the dvds for WMM.

Dowloading the DVDDecrypter is free, safe and easy to use, so I

would recommend it, but you can choose to go either way.

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