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can i put my Verizon sims card into a straight talk phone

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You use the serial number of your straight talk phone. That is your account number.

No you must purchase a straight talk phone

Straight Talk has pay-as-you-go plans as well as prepaid plans. You can change a Verizon phone to one of the plans if your phone is unlocked and you have an IMEI number. Not all Verizon phones may be compatible with Straight Talk.

no, it has got to be a straight talk cell phone in order for it to work.

No if you want a straight talk you have to buy a straight talk.verizon doesn't carry straight talk

From what I'm told, straight talk will be switching from Sprint to Verizon on this phone.

yes, it don't have to be unlocked. Im using my rouge phone with straight talk. Verizon towers. the only thing is I cant get on the internet. :(

You need to get a 'Port Authorisation' Code (PAC) from Straight Talk. The PAC gives Verison 'permission' to transfer your existing number to them. Once you have the PAC, give it to Verizon - and they'll set up your account using your existing Straight Talk number.

I had straight talk before and I got a new phone tried to transfer my number to the new phone. You have to call straight talk and u need your account number of the number in order to

You can activate a Straight Talk phone from their website. You will have to type in the phone information and start a new account to get started.

To activate a straight talk phone without a pin number you can log on to your account on the company website or you can call the phone number for assistance.

For this you need to carry out two steps: Firstly, call straight talk and check if your existing phone is compatible with it. Then you need to obtain an unlock code from the US Cellular/sprint to switch to straight talk from Verizon. Then when u get the unlock code, ask them to guide you through the procedure of switching.

You can do it by going to straight talk website and logging on into your account or by calling customer service. If the phone is not new and was activated under another account you need to make sure that person has cleared the information allowing you to activate it under your name.

Straight Talk is a pre-paid phone service that uses the towers of Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint for it's phones. The phone towers you use depend on the phone you purchase. Straight Talk has two pre-paid plans you could put onto your phone. One plan is the $45 plan, which gives you totally unlimited talk, text and internet on your Straight Talk phone. The second plan you could purchase each month from Straight Talk is the $30 plan. It features 1000 minutes to talk with, 1000 texts and 30 MB from the internet on your Straight Talk phone.

No reason why not - the device should work with any phone.

Yes, you can use a Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4 that is on AT&T or Verizon network on a Straight Talk plan. You will need to unlock the phone before switching providers.

You can send email from any email account to a straight talk phone by sending it to the straight talk phone number at ( If your phone isn't capable of picture messenging, any pictures you send won't show up. The email text will still go through.

Straight Talk, Trac Phone Wireless, Boost Mobile, Verizon has a prepaid service, Virgin Mobile.

No, you can use most any unlocked GSM phone on the Straight Talk network by using a Straight Talk SIM card with your current device.

If they're both on the same network - simply swap the SIM cards over!(separate answer)According to Straight Talk's website, you need to provide them with the following:The phone number to be transferred.The account number or service PIN from your current phone service provider.The last 4 digits of your SSN.Create a Straight Talk Account.Accept the Terms and Conditions of Service.Add a Service card or buy a Service Plan at the time of Activation.

The cheapest phone plan for verizon is 40 usd,it is unlimited for verizon to verizon but has a limit talk and text to other cellphone network.Check for more details.

Yes, it can. Verizon and Sprint use the CDMA network and the SIM Kit you can buy at Wal-Mart ($59.88 plus tax.) or online have a number "patch" that will enable your CDMA phone to work on the Straight Talk network.

No. My friend in Hawaii has a Verizon cell phone and we talk all the time. I use either my land line or my Verizon cell phone.

It is possible to switch a straight talk phone to a T mobile phone. In order to make the switch happen, you need to make sure that the sim card in a straight talk phone is compatible with the t mobile phone.

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