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  • I use the EyePOD Contact Lens Kit to easily insert and remove my contacts. I just take the adapter, put it on the EyePOD, place a drop of water on the center of the adapter, place the adapter on the contact (my fingers never touch it anymore, no more worrying about how clean they aren't) then open my eye wide, look into the center of the adapter, and bring it to my eye, a light press, then the contact is on my eye, perfectly 1 try every time, it's pretty much the same to take them out
  • Wash your hands very well (personally, I like to wash with lukewarm water, because it cleans better than hot) and dry them properly. After that, take the hand you feel most comfortable with and grab your contact. With you free hand, take your index finger and pull towards the sky and your thumb and pull towards the ground. Then, look down (it may seem like you're poking yourself in the eye and you could mess up) and apply the contact to your eye. Next, take the contact finger and pull your bottom lid down and make sure that the contact matches your eye or until the contact sticks to your eye. Once you have it in your eye correctly, blink (but not too hard). If it feels weird, close your eye and rub the top part, because you may have an air bubble.
  • Your optometrist or contact lens fitter is obliged to demonstrate to you how to insert and remove lenses correctly. There are several different methods; you need to find one that will work for you. I strongly suggest that you do not follow the advice given below - if you insert or remove your lenses incorrectly, it can be very harmful to your eyes. And never take advice on solutions from anyone other than a qualified optometrist. I've seen some nasty cases of permanently damaged eyes caused by improper use of contact lenses and solutions. Your sight is precious - don't mess around with it!
  • Add two drops of Renu solution (doctors recommend sterile saline solution) and put the lens in the eye. Since there is liquid, it will stick fast. Rotate your eyes with the eyelids completely open. That's it.

    It's important that you go to an optometrist and get them to show you how to look after your lenses and also how to put them in.

  • Pull down the lower lid of your eye with your right hand and hold the top up with your left hand. Then, using the index finger of your right hand, put the contact in your eye. Wait for a second, then slowly remove your hand. The contact should stay in place on your eye.
  • I put the left hand over the top lid and pull it up. I hold the bottom lid down and place the wet contact on my middle finger. I hold my head straight and roll my eyes to look down. I touch the lens on my eye making sure my lashes don't touch the lens. The key is looking down with my eyeball.
  • Put an eye drop in each eye directly before placing the lens in. This will help lubricate and seal the contact to the front of the eye. I find that looking SLIGHTLY upwards helps me, but it may vary for you. Do not move your eyes until you have blinked a few times, and the contact should pretty well seat itself.

    If you are still experiencing difficulty, take your contacts into any glasses store, or your eye doctor, and they will show you. Bring your own solution.

  • First, practice touching the white of your eye, but not with your fingernails! You need to do this, or you will immediately blink when you try to put the contact in your eye for the first time. I usually look towards my other eye and then touch the eye towards the outside. You really need to get comfortable doing this before you will be able to put a contact in.

    When I'm ready to try putting it in my eye, I also look towards my other eye and put it in towards the outside. Don't put it in over your iris. I usually put a drop or two of saline in the lens before I put it in my eye. After a couple of blinks, it will find its way over your iris.

  • The first time you try it, you will get EXTREMELY frustrated and want to give up. The same thing goes for trying to get them out. It felt like I'd never get them in the first time.
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Q: How do you put your contact lenses in your eyes?
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How use the contact lenses?

hold the lenses and put it into your black eyes (or other color)

Why do people put contact lenses in there eyes?

It is an alternative to wear glasses

Do your eyes sting the first time you put contact lenses in?

Sometimes they can yes. My contact lenses have been stinging my eyes for the last few weeks and I've been wearing them for over one year. I have changed my lenses to a different brand and they are much more comfortable. If your lenses are hurting your eyes then think of changing brands.

What are some contact lenses that are recommended for dry eyes?

Silicone hydrogel contact lenses are the most common and most effective lenses for dry eyes. Lenses with extreme H2O and proclear soft contact lenses also work against dry eyes.

Is a colored contact lenses harmful?

The first question is does she need to have contact lenses. If she does not need them then putting in contact lenses into your eyes when you don't need them. You do run a chance of your eyes being effected in a harmful way.

Can I take a shower with contact lenses on?

Taking a shower with contact lenses on is perfectly safe as long as one doesn't vigorously scrub their eyes. It is important, however, not to leave contact lenses in too long because they can irritate the eyes.

Why does contact lenses hurts my eye?

They're probably not stored and cleaned properly and you're continuing to put them into your eyes.

What are tinted contact lenses?

they are contact lenses that are tinted a colour. they can make your eyes look a different colour.

Where can you buy snake eyes lenses?

You can buy snake eye contact lenses from a specialist contact lens seller online or in the highstreet. Make sure the contact lenses you buy are of good quality so that they do not cause any damage to your eyes.

What can be harmful to your eyes?

Yes, contact lenses can be harmful to your eyes. If you take it out and scratch it, it will cause irritation and your eyes will go red. Also, if your solution on the contact lenses are hurting, take them out straight away and wash your eyes.

Is it safe to use eyedrops for contact lenses on regular eyes?

Most contact lens solutions are just saline so it is perfectly safe to use it in your eyes even if you do not use contact lenses.

Can you cry while wearing contact lenses?

We do not cry while wearing contact lenses because it is daily routine process to keep a soft lenses on the eyes natural lenses.

Who on earth has pink eyes?

Nobody unless you have operation or something or the easy way: put on pink coloured contact lenses!

Best solotica contacts for black people with brown eyes?

The best contact lenses for black people with brown eyes are the Solotica Hidrocharme colored contact lenses.

Can all adults wear contact lenses?

Yes all adults can wear contact lenses if they choose to do so. Some have a fear of touching their eyes and refuse to wear contact lenses

How do you take out contact lenses?

Simple, just open you eyes all the way and put your index finger on your contact and take it out, if its not in properly then adjust the contact with you index finger until you can remove it.

How can contact lenses be considered cosmetic?

Contact lenses can be considered as cosmetic if they are used to change your eye color. Lenses can be purchase to change your eyes to a different color from your own. It is also possible to purchase lenses that may your eyes look strange for events such as halloween.

What is different about Proclear contact lenses?

Proclear contact lenses are specifically for people who have problems or diseases associated with the eyes. Some of these issues are astigmatism and dry eyes amongst others.

Are Miley Cyrus eyes brown?

No, they're blue. that's wrong who ever put it there . mileys are brown she put blue contact lenses

How can contact lenses be dangerous?

Contact lenses can be dangerous if not properly cared for. Contact lenses can lead to infections, dehydration of the eye, and lacerations of the eyes.

Where to find contact lenses for eyes?

umm r u kidding...this is a nobrainer question!!!!!!!!!!!! You ask your eye doctor to order your contact lenses in. when you go to pick them up say to urself: (not out loud) I found contact lenses in my eyes.

What are disadvantages of purchasing cheap contact lenses without prescriptions?

Disadvantages of purchasing cheap contact lenses without prescriptions include side effects such as red eyes, poor vision due to not having a prescription and irritated eyes. It's best to obtain a prescription for contact lenses to get the proper lenses for your needs.

Why cant electricians wear contact lenses?

Contact lenses are made from plastics and electricians are usually exposed to heat. When direct heat reaches the contact lenses as the electricians wear it, Chances are; The contact lenses might melt into the eyes and you could never remove them.

Do you need a prescription to get cheap contact lenses?

The purchase of contact lenses requires you to have a prescription. The health of your eyes is extremely important, so you should be guaranteed that the contacts you are purchasing are safe for your eyes.

Contact lenses hurt?

Contact Lenses don't usally hurt, they only hurt for the first few days, or if your eyes get irritated by them.