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  • you need at least two friends to do this( i found it out while i was bored) :
  • go to one friends house and dance wait until you get ten points
  • go to your other friends house and dance again waiting until you get your ten well diserved points
  • and go back and fourth
  • repeat steps one and two over and over to level up without doing the work!
  • that's all ( it may take a while but not too long)
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How do you level up in pet society?To level up in Pet Society you can visit your friends or earn trophys and awards and that will level you up.

You can level up by visiting your friend's, cleaning pets in the cafe or your friend's, buying things.

you need facebook to sign up to pet society!! :(

Join races Sell stuff Press your friends houses and hug or dance or tell a joke etc to them Eat Take a bath or wash yourself Then, you will get more XP

Pets will automatically level as you do. When you gain a level, your pet gains a level.

You will have a garden the first thing you come into your house. It is the last room to the left. And eventually you will get a second one after you level up at a certain level. Hope this helps.

You play games at the Pet Pavilion to gain XP for your pet.

Well it depends what level it is. If it is significantly lower level than the monsters you are questing on. Then go to a mob who's level is equal or just higher than the pets level, then just keep killing them until your pet levels up. Then keep doing that until your pet is the level that you desire. Or you can just 'Tame' another pet that is your level.

It normally just pops up when you log on. Maybe there is something wrong with your pet society

you level can level up your Pokemon by given it an luckey egg when betteling

level up your pet and lt it grow bigger

Take them to the Pet Pavilion and train them there with the different games. :)

Use rare candy which level a pokémon up 1 level per candy

There are few methods you can use to level up quickly on Dragon City. You can plant foods and harvest them. You can also try buying and selling farms.

To add more than one pet in the menagerie you simply follow the same method as your 1st pet: click on pet and 'use' on pet house (assuming you have built a pet house ) remembering that the amount of pets you can deposit is dependant on your construction level i.e level 37 up to 3 pets, 52 up to 6 pets and level 67 up to 10 pets. To remove pets from the menagerie, click on your pet house and click on your pet from the menu, which will return your pet to your inventory.

You have to earn medals and lvl them up. Go to empty servers and beat the high scores. Hatch pets and play pet games. You will level up every time ure pet wins 30, 50 ,100. That's all I know cuz im a nonmember. So if you see me around,add me Foreverball11 im always in the popular servers

keep taking it to the league

To level up you can train your pet at the island training school or the swashbuckling academy. Sometimes your pet levels up at a random event, some of the wheels might, and if you do one of the faeries that gives you level ups when you do one of their faerie quests. (space faerie, light faerie, fyora, etc.)

To level up quickly: your monster needs to be happy, add some more friends, play the daily challenge, buy about 3 bits of furniture or home decorations, and with the rest of the rox buy food for your monster. If you do all that every time you level up then you should level up quicker. If you want to know more ways of leveling up quickly, add me, I am: lissieloulaa.

You cannot evolve on epic pet wars, you simply level up. You can level up by doing jobs, winning battles, or using special battlemaster items.

buy better weapons and fight alot then you will level up quickly .

You go to the Coltan's Shrine and if your lucky you may just get a level up and you can also level up by playing in the battledom alot.

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