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I would suggest counseling. It will help to be able to talk with someone who isn't intimately involved. Learning some better life skills, and learning how to focus on healthier things.

Another thing is for you to realize that you are SOOOO much luckier than is he: psychopaths, sociopaths, live in a Hell-on-Earth from which as of yet there is no escape.

Counseling is good, and so is the gratitude that psychopaths are out of your lives. However, there are many legal ways to get revenge with them.

First, because they are narcissists, you can threaten their reputation in ANY way. Also, they are notoriously shady so there might be some criminal activity, which you may have information about, that could get them in trouble (which they deserve.) Lastly, I think they are paranoid. For this reason if you plant the seeds which make them think you want revenge, well, they worry. They worry a lot. You might as well play the mind that played you!

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How can you get revenge on your narcissistic husband?

Revenge may feel great at the time, but it is damaging to both parties. Get therapy for both of you, go alone or together. Revenge is one way to age quickly and start having health problems.

What is the best revenge of a compensatory narcissist?

There is no such thing as a 'compensatory narcissist'. It is a fake term made up by psychopath Sam Vaknin (see Related Links). No Contact with a Narcissist is always best.

Why does alison want revenge on the girls?

Because they blinded her and kind of helped put a stop to her and toby's relationship.

Who is dawn in a relationship with on total drama revenge of the island?

She isnt in a relationship with anyone but fans say her and scott go together or b and her. But they dont go together in the show

What best describes the relationship between the nucleus and the cytoplasm?

the nucleus hunts and eats the cytoplasm and then the cytoplasm seeks its revenge

How do you get back at a narcissistic male?

Your best option for revenge would be an ego shot. Something that will make him feel as though hes viewed as incompetent. Pride is his everything, if you bruise his pride you do more harm than physical injury.

What is he best revenge to get on your teenage ex boyfriend?

I'm 14 and have just got out of a relationship with someone who cheated on me so i can see where you're coming from with wanting to get revenge, but to be honest the best revenge is making him think that your not bothered about the break up, then when he comes running back to you, you can turn your back on him!

What is the relationship between Fortunato and Montresor in the Cask of Amontillado?

The relationship between Fortunato and Montresor is ex-friends. Fortunato had once wronged Montresor, so Montresor decides to kill him to get revenge.

When you break up after a year and he just wants to be in a platonic relationship with you is it worth it?

No. its not worth being in a platonic relationship with a person after break up because may be he's just trying to revenge.

Best friend breaks up and goes back to ex after lying about your relationship and you want revenge?

just let it go.

Is it normal be be so angry that an ex abuser is happy in a new relationship and you just want revenge?

Yes I think so. It must seem so unfair that he is happy after what he has done. Just be glad you're out of that abusive relationship which would have destroyed you in time and have a real chance to find true love. The best kind of revenge is to forgive him so you can let go and find a man who loves you and will never hurt you - That is the sweetest revenge for sure.

What is the special relationship of Bacchus with Thebes?

It was where he was born. He returned there to take revenge on those that did not worship him there and that did not believe his mother had been impregnated by Zeus.

What is 'revenge' in Dutch?

"Wraak" is a Dutch equivalent of "revenge."

What is 'revenge' in Romanian?

"Revanşă" is a Romanian equivalent of "revenge."

What is a sentence with the word revenge?

I will get my revenge.Revenge is not always the best way forward.He sought revenge for the death of his master.

What is the best way to get revenge on an abusive narcissistic ex?

move on with your life thaat's the best revenge Forget all about him and be happy, you have reason to be if you've survived a relationship with a narcissist. If you happen to see him look right past him as if he doesn't exist. Chat on your cell phone, laugh, act like you are having the time of your life even if you are not. Whatever you do, don't show him that you are angry or hurt because that's how he wants you to feel. He will most likely start calling you wanting you back. Don't fall for his lies. He just needs a dose of his narcissistic supply, which is you. Use this to your advantage. Be cold and heartless, shut him down. If you need something from him take advantage now, get it, then dump him just like he would you. Don't give him anything, don't fall into his trap, remain heartless and detached. When you get what you want, get out quick and don't look back.

Should one feel justified in getting revenge on the narcissist?

No because it's not only a waste of the person's energy, but also narcissistic think they know everything and wouldn't have a clue you were trying to get revenge. You'd be the loser in the long-run. Let it go and move on.the best revengeJust ignore them. it requires absolutely no effort on your part and will make him feel empty and worthless. That is the way they want to make you feel, isn't it? So ignore them - that is justice well deserved. You will discover sooner than you think how pathetic they really are.

How do you hurt your ex spouse?

It is not necessary to extract revenge from a spouse in a failed relationship. Get on with your new life and use the experience to make sure you don't make the same mistakes. A failed relationship takes the efforts of two people.

How do you say revenge in spanish?


Make a sentence with REVENGE?

i will get REVENGE for what he did to her!

Did the Hutu or the Tutsi think they were better?

i think it was all about revenge i think it was all about revenge i think it was all about revenge i think it was all about revenge

How can you turn the tables on a guy to show him you will no longer be used by him?

"Turn the tables" makes it sound like you want revenge. If the relationship is unhealthy, get out, and don't look back.

How do you use revenge in a sentence?

they are a revenge people

Why does Fortunato want revenge?

Fortunato does not seek revenge. Montresor seeks revenge against Fortunato.

What can be a sentence with revenge?

I took revenge on the school bully. The villain sought revenge against the police.