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How do you rap songs fast?


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All you need to do is memorize the songs and then start practicing it and soon enough you can rap it fast!


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no pop is more party songs and rap is just fast talking

Sing words fast. Two goods songs to rap would be Fly- Nicki Manaj or Super Bass- Nicki Manaj.

nicki minag because of how fast she can rap her songs

There are many great underground rap songs. The greatness of these rap songs depends on your own personal preference for example.

The latest rap songs are coming from Young Money entertainment.

easy dont put rap songs in your ipod

A person who sings rap songs is known as a rapper.

Some of the best rap songs of all time are ten to twenty years old. Artists such as Eminem, Snoop Dog, and Run DMC, have some of the most played songs in rap history.

Not really, I'm not running her down but she doesn't rap that fast.

about as fast as you can wack it

Remember the name - Fort Minor most awesome beated rap songs

Logan Rap at the end of the song "Famous"

Ellie doesn't rap on any of her songs.

I'm not afriad and when I'm gone by eminem I don't listen to rap usually but these are good songs

Anti-War rap songs are simply rap songs that stress peace over violence B.O.B.(Bombs over Bagdhad) by OutKast is a perfect example of an Anti war song

rap is a series of words that tell a story most people rap fast but rap is about how you yourself rap not other people

Yes, rap music does affect people. As most rap songs are about money, drugs, girls, clubs, and whatnot, it can affect one to want to do things involving those things. However, not all rap songs affect people in that way. Some rap songs aren't about those things, which songs that don't are more likely to not really affect people.

Yes, the episodes 'Spa Day', 'A Real Boy' and 'My Fair Goalie' all have rap songs in them.

Around the time rap was. Rap is fast and furious like the movie

rap evolved in production values and with more complex rhymes in the songs.

Some rap music can demean. However, not all rap songs do. It depends on the morality of the artist.

they usually like r&b or hip hop and whilst in their teens, they like grime and fast rap songs.

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