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How do you reach the meditation stage when meditating?

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When the great primeval power, refered to as Kundalini, has been risen up to at least the throat chakra or psychic centre, in her entirety then Meditation is reached. But not before this!!!

When 'she' is risen to the Christ or Brahma chakra then the yogi is in the deepest state of meditation possible on this Earth.

How is this to be achieved?

Practice the teachings of the Great Masters.

Study - discriminate - and then practice!

There are numerous exercises designed to enhance our inner potential from Mantra, Prayer, Contemplative exercises, pranayama to spiritual healing and Yoga.

Only through practice can we hope to achieve results.

As a good starting point I would advice studying Yoga and giving service to others as a means to attaining the much sought after state of Meditation.

In time and when the student is ready the teacher appears!!!

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