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How do you read a oil dipstick on a 2003 Chevy c-1500?



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Make sure the vehicle is on level ground warmed up and has been shut off for a couple of minutes. Pull the dipstick out & wipe off oil. Put the stick back in fully and pull it back out. Look at the oil (wet area at the bottom holding it horizontally. Bottom line near the end is the low line. Then there is a x pattern (crosshatched) area next and then an upper line (upper limit). The oil should be in the crosshatched area close to the upper limit line. If its low or not showing on the stick add oil in 1/4 - 1/2 qt increments until you get it to where it should be. If it's way overfull you will have to drain out some oil through the oil pan drain plug to get it to the proper level.