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chilton auto repair manual available free at your local public library. vid i have a 2001 Sienna with the check engine light on. had a diagostic machine check and got a code P0171 AND P0174. And it says "system too lean". Also it the diagnostic reads: O2S212 .625 mv O2S211 3.29 mv your info will be greatly appreciated. po 171 is almost always the mass airflow sensor located in the air cleaner box. start with that, its only about 150.00 for the part and is easy to replace. I took MAF off the top of the air filter with two screws and clean it and reset the check engine with ODBII code reader I called Toyota dealer in Canada it cost $245 plus tax

P0171 specifically for Toyota is generic "too lean", and very well could be MAF, but the MAF can be cleaned, recommend trying aerosol cleaner before buying a new one, and run the OBD again to see if it will give you a more specific fault could be O2 sensor, MAP Intake (Manifold Absolute Pressure) and dozens of other things. No dispute here, just adding

you can choose china brand Launch X431 Creader VIII CRP129 from, it is designed to almost vehicle, and read the ODBII diagnostic codes, als have others car diagnosis function, it is an good diy tools for owner, diagnosis and maintenance easier and cost even less. Maintenance and Service All in One, Because it has more application, like Engine Oil Reset, ABS Bleeding, and more.

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Q: How do you read the ODBII diagnostic codes for a 2001 Toyota Sienna?
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What is the problem for 2003 Toyota Sienna check engine light on occasionlly?

When the light comes on it's telling you to read the engine diagnostic codes.

How do you find the diagnostic codes for a Toyota Highlander?

Go on the web and goggle it. (TOYOTA CODES)

Engine codes p0301 p0304 on Toyota Sienna?

Engine cylinders # 1 and # 4 are misfiring

What is codes P0172 on a 2001 Toyota Sienna?

Trouble code P0172 means: System Too Rich (Bank 1)

What do codes P1130 and P1150 mean on a 2000 Toyota Sienna?

they have to do with the air/fuel sensors that read the ratio of oxygen going into your fuel

Chevy lumina diagnostic codes?

A full listing of diagnostic codes can be obtained from most General Motors dealerships. The Chevy Lumina has more than 500 diagnostic codes.

Where do you plug the OBD-II Diagnostic Tool to read codes on a 1999 Toyota Camry?

may be this website may help:

What is P0150 codes on 1998 Toyota Sienna 3.0?

Trouble code P0150 means:O2 sensor circuit malfunction (Bank 2 Sensor 1)

What are the Nissan Diagnostic Trouble Codes?

The average Nissan automobile has more than 400 diagnostic troubleshooting codes. You can obtain a complete list of diagnostic codes from most Nissan dealerships.

What would cause no daignostic reading to be available on a 2001 cavalier?

The primary cause for no diagnostic reading to be available on a 2001 Cavalier is a faulty connection or code reader. The computer is designed to automatically transmit codes once an ODBII code reader is connected to the port.

What is P0153 codes on Toyota Sienna 3.0 engine?

Trouble code P0153 means:O2 sensor circuit slow response (Bank 2 Sensor 1)

2001 Kia ODBII trouble codes? Trouble Codes OBD & OBD2 Trouble Codes and Technical info & Tool Store. By BAT Auto Technical

What is indicated by the flash codes?

Diagnostic Trouble Codes.

91 Dodge Dakota diagnostic code list?

buy a book like Chilton, and it has all the diagnostic codes listed in it. buy a book like Chilton, and it has all the diagnostic codes listed in it.

How can you know and erase the error codes in your car escort 1987?

I wasn't aware that vehicles older then '91 had ODBI or ODBII diagnostics.

Engine codes for 1999 Toyota Corolla?

How do I get engine codes for 1999 toyota corolla?

How do you read diagnostic codes Chevy Suburban?

Reading diagnostic codes is easy. The driver plugs the reader/scanner into the diagnostic port of the vehicle, and the scanner/reader will give a code if there is a problem, and tell them the type of problem.

How do you get to the pcm codes?

With a diagnostic scanning tool.

What is diagnostic code P?

OBD codes that start with a P are power train codes.

Can you tell me what this Diagnostic test what does this code mean p0440 p0441 p0446 on a 2000 Toyota celica?

Hiya all your codes are pointing at your emmissions evaporative control system. hope this helps you ?

What are diagnostic codes P1133 and P1135 for a 1999 Sienna?

Trouble code P1133 means: Air-Fuel Sensor Circuit Response Malfunction Trouble code P1135 means: Air-Fuel Sensor Heater Circuit Response Malfunction

Which department in responsible for inputting the diagnostic codes?


What is diagnostic code for dodge neon?

Diagnostic codes are generated by your on-board computer. They tell you what problems the computer has identified with your engine. The codes are numbers. The code numbers are read by an instrument that plugs into a special jack under the dash. Auto parts stores often will check your diagnostic codes for free, or you can have your dealer do it.

How are check engine diagnostic codes read?

First you remove the cover from the diagnostic port under the driver's side of the dashboard. Then you plug the datalink cable from your scan tool into the diagnostic port. The scan tool will then show the diagnostic codes. Write them down and read a manual to see what has gone wrong.

Will unhooking the battery after replacing an ignition coil on a 1999 Toyota Sienna reset the check engine light?

Since all cars after '96 have OBD 11 it takes a scanner to remove the trouble codes. Auto Zone will do it for free. it does have obdII but the codes will be erased by unhooking the battery.