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That depends on if your Honda is fuel injected or has a cardeurator on it. If it has a carb then you can't read codes due to the fact that a carbbed model does not have a computer. If it is fuel injected then there is usually a blue two wire connector under the glovebox just inside the passenger door. You may have to dig for it. It may be taped to a wire harness and will not have anything plugged into it. When you find it, short the two wires together(a small custom bent paper-clip works perfectly), turn the ignition to the "run" position. Do not start the engine. And a "PGM" light should start flashing codes. Long flash for tens digit. Short flash for ones digit. Once the numbers repeat,you have all the stored codes. To clear codes after repair, just disconnect the neg. cable from the battery for approx 30 seconds.

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Q: How do you read the codes of an 88 or 89 Honda Accord?
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