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Regretfully, if you have to ask, you most certainly do not have the courage or strength of heart yet to follow through with a solid committment to anyone.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-22 14:35:04
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Q: How do you really know when you are in love or when you have met your soul mate when you have so many to choose from?
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Why does the guy not love you?

Well there are many reasons but you never really know he could be lieing and he really dose love you but the beat thing to do is to keep you mind of him.

Does crush mean love?

No. Many young people think it does, but a crush is not love. It is liking someone a whole lot. You can have a "crush" and not know the person, but to really love someone you need to know them.

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How do you know if a guy do not loves you?

you can tell that the guy doesn't love you if its okay for him not to be with you for how many days, because if he really love you, he can't take you,.:))

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How you know if he really love you?

Love takes form in many different ways. If he doesn't give any thought to what you want, then he probably doesn't love you. Then again, if he really loved you, you wouldn't doubt him enough to ask that question am I right?

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What do you say when someone asks why you like them but you don't know?

Tell the person that there are so many reasons to love them, you just can't choose one.

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When choosing a major, be sure to choose one in a field that you love. If you don't, you will be stuck in a career that is dissatisfying to you for many years. You will be much happier if you choose a major that is about something for which you have a great passion and energy!

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Who is gaby is LOVE with?

I donÕt know who Gaby is in LOVE with. There will be many people that Gaby is in love with in her lifetime. Those who are close to her will know who she is in love with.

Is it possible to actually love someone without really knowing them?

To truly love someone you must know them as you would have nothing to base your love on. ANSWER I believe that you can fall IN LOVE with someone that you don't know very well. Many times it can be infatuation but there are times when there is just a very strong connection present with that person and you may feel that you have known them for a long time when you really haven't. You connect on an emotional level where you can almost communicate with each other without actually communicating. It may not make sense to you but it can be love. I think in order to stay in love or to continue to love that person you need time with them to get to know them really well.

Why am I madly in love with a horrible jerk?

I don't know why are you??? Sometimes the ones we love the most can appear to be behaving like horrible jerks but if they were really jerks could we really love them madly? If someone is abusive and disrespectful the love will not last long unless you like that kind of thing. There are many people in the world who will put up with continual abuse whether it be emotional, mental, or physical but I think in those situations it is not really love but some type of dependency maybe...I don't really know but I cannot imagine love existing for long in a relationship where someone is being a jerk.

How do you know if you found true love?

You will not know for many, many years.

How many dates were there to choose from for the contestants on show love connection?


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I love you but im not in love with you?

I'm not sure what you're trying to ask, but this does make sence. It means that i love you and you mean a great deal to me and i have more feeling for you then just liking you but I'm not completely head over heals in love with you. Being in love with someone is big. It means that you want to be with them for a really really long time and that you can't stop thinking about them. You can love so many people in your life, but you'll know when you're really truly in love with someone.

How many times should you have a boyfriend?

There isn't really a limit on how many times you 'should' have a boyfriend. Once you find the one that you truly love, you will know and you can settle down with them. :)

How many dates did the contestants on the love connection have to choose from?

IMDB says the answer is 3.

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What is the complications of the hunger games?

I've read the whole trilogy and the complication is there are 2 really great cute guys who are in LOVE with Kattniss and she does'nt know which one to choose,they would anything for her even die and kill. Also there are the games , the rebellion , the threat and so so many deaths - sierra williams

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Do you propose to only you love?

it depends on how many people you like. i would say yes and no because you can say that you love your family i dont know if it really counts and no because you should only say that you only love that person and it also depends on if you really really like that person and not some one else like if you like to people. i hope my answer was helpful :) ^-^