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Every post on the Tumblr dashboard has a heart and "reblog" on top of it. Click on reblog and then you reblog it onto your Tumblr.

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What is the shortcut to reblog on Tumblr?

press alt and click the reblog button!

How many photos can you reblog a day on Tumblr?

You can reblog up to 250 times a day

How do you reblog posts on Tumblr?

on your dashboard where the posts are from people u follow press reblog on what u want to reblog then press post at the bottom

How do you reblog yourself on Tumblr?

You would need to install missing e

Where to get tumblr pictures?

on your dashboard?you mostly reblog on tumblr though.1. Follow some blogs you like2. There is a button that looks like an infinity arrow. its on the top right of each picture. this means reblog3. Click that button and then scroll down and click 'reblog' :)the end . hope i could help!

Does your Tumblr blog have to be specific?

No, It's all about you and what your want to reblog, you an make it as specific as you want to be :)

How do you insert a gif on a Tumblr reblog?

Simple! Once you have Clicked Reblog, There is a icon which is a picture of a tree, click that and enter the GIF URL, where it says: Image URL. Then you can click "Reblog post" :) Hope that helped, Enjoy blogging! :)

What are some Tumblr proxies?

I don't know. They should just make a school for people who love Tumblr and we should be graded on how much we reblog and post.

How do you delete a comment off tumblr that someone added to your post?

by going to reblog it again and deleting your comment

How do you link your Tumblr to a picture?

When you reblog or post a photo on your Tumblr there is something on the right side that says 'http:// content source' you can put your Tumblr URL there and click 'save/create post' and your Tumblr will be linked to that photo. I hope that helps. xx

How do you use Tumblr?

i dont post my photos or any entry in my tumblr but yet i just reblog the quotes, the gifts the amazing pictures. but first important thing in using tumblr, u should follow as many awesome tumblr. by doing that, u can enjoy using it:)

How can you look at Tumblr without an account?

You don't need an account to look at any blog at all, just to make posts of your own and reblog.

How do you put tags on a Tumblr picture?

Step 1: Press reblog on a picture. Step 2: When the page shows up the picture and the buttons reblog or cancel, on the right there is a small box titled Tags. Step 3: Type something and press enter. Step 4: Press reblog. Step 5: You're welcome

What is Tumblr?

Tumblr is a free blog hosting platform that allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their tumblelog. Users are also able to reblog other posts not created by them to their blog.

How do you find people on Tumblr?

Try checking out tumblr spotlights. The best way is type in a random tumblr page (you can use mine at mirthfulmermaid.tumblr.com) and then reblog their stuff. If you find a post you enjoy, click on it. Scroll down to its notes and click random blogs that reblogged it. That's how I did it :)

What does reblog mean on Tumblr?

if someone posts something on their blog, you re-blog it and then it will appear on posted your own blog -- like re-tweet on twitter

How do you post comments on Tumblr?

you mean on posts? the person your following has to have reply enabled if they do there will be a little reply button next to the notes reblog like area

What is the point of Tumblr?

The point of Tumblr Blogging site, is It is a allows users to post Images, Text (which includes Images), Videos, Links, Quotes, Audio And Animated GIFS. Users are able to follow other users, and browse others Tumblr blogs. Users are also able to "Reblog" and "Like" other users posts, which means the post will appear onto your own blog if you Reblog it. It is also alot of fun! And very addictive! I hope this has helped! Have fun Blogging! :)

What to tumblr about?

I think you meant to ask, "What is tumblr about?" But anyways, tumblr is a site where people can create their own blog and repost (or "reblog") whatever they want. It's a way for people to share ideas and things they like with other people. I think it's great. If you want, come follow me at ican-be-your-it-girl.tumblr.com!

How do you 'comment' on a post on Tumblr in the caption if other people commented it too before you?

Reblog it and type what you wanna say under the previous "comments".

How do you you import you Tumblr feed to Twitter?

First you have to connect your twitter account to tumblr (I think you do this in Customize-->Advanced). There's an option where you can send all your tumblr posts to twitter or you can decide which individual posts you want to send to twitter. On every post or reblog there should be a box on the right that says "send to twitter" and you check that if you want to send it.

How can I transfer all my posts from my main blog on Tumblr to my secondary blog?

You can't do this unless you go through and REBLOG every photo from your main to your secondary, sorry ! X Much love, Http://ripped-fa5hion.tumblr.com

How do you make your Tumblr the best?

Theres tons of ways to get followers... Like peoples posts Comment on posts Reblog! Follow people that follow back Message blogs asking them to check out yours And you can also buy followers

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