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check the web for the mustang club they will have links to shops or may have specific directions and parts supplier. hope it helps. duboff

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2006-09-24 19:53:59
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Q: How do you rebuild a mustang convertible top motor years 1987-1993?
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Where is the convertible top motor in a 2001 Mustang?

Behind the back seat

What type of fluid does 2003 mustang convertible top motor take?

According to the 2003 Ford Mustang Owner Guide : ( Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid is used for the convertible top )

Your 2002 mustang convertible top motor is going very slow how do you fix it?

what makes this motor work? is this hydrolic lines ? can you add more oil.

How much is a motor for a convertible top in the Chrysler crossfire to replace?

Hi, I work for, we offer a rebuild service for these motor pumps. Give me a call at 1-800-999-2892. Thanks

Can you rebuild a knocking motor?

yes you can rebuild a knocking motor. its best to rebuild it from block up and it may get pricy but its worth it

How do you take out the motor of a convertible?

i need to learn how to take out my 1995 Chrysler lebaron convertible motor

What is the difference between a mustang and a shelby mustang?

A Shelby mustang has a larger sized motor and the original ford mustang has a smaller motor.

Fuse just clicks on mustang convertible top?

Check the top relay to make sure that power is being fed to the top motor. If the relay is ok then you will need to check the top motor as it could be bad.

What type of hydraulic fluid is specified for a 1997 Chrysler Sebring convertible?

The convertible top motor uses automatic transmission fluid.The convertible top motor uses automatic transmission fluid.

How do you rebuild 351w motor?

get a book

What Ford Mustang models were produced in 1967?

Ford Motor Company introduced the Mustang in 1964 and the 1967 Ford Mustang was the first redesign of the original model. It was offered in hardtop, fastback, and convertible, with the option of a V8 engine for the first time. The 1967 Mustang was slightly larger than the original, and offered a "Pony Interior" package that included brushed stainless steel interior trim, an adjustable steering wheel, and special interior paneling. The "High Country Special Mustang" was only offered in Denver, Colorado, and was available in both fastback and convertible in 1967.

Will an 05 4.0 mustang motor fit an 07 mustang?

yes. it can

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