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How do you recharge 2002 Taurus AC?

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1. You need to buy a R-134a recharging tool and at least one cannister of R-134a. You can find this in any auto parts store and even Wal-Mart. These come as a package and usually cost about $20 for the tool and 19 ounce can. Additional 12 ounce cans are about $6-$9. (In some locations around the country those prices could be much higher).

2. Locate the low pressure port. It is located next to the firewall on the passenger side of the car. Looking from the front of the car, it is in the far left rear of the engine compartment. The port is in a quite akward position, so you may want to detach the cannister from the tool and make sure you can manuver the tool and get it attached securely to the port. Exercise caution when connecting and disconnecting from this port as the port's internal valve (shrader valve) could be damaged or losened in this process and begin to leak. The shrader valve is the same type of valve found in tire valve-stem's but significantly larger. If your A/C system's valves are leaking (as seen during a visual inspection), a shrader valve tightening tool of the appropriate size is required to tighten it up.

3. Start the car and turn on the A/C.

4. Determine the pressure on the system from the guage on the tool. The ideal pressure depends on the ambient temperature (the cannister may have a chart to determine the ideal pressure), but the ideal pressure is probably somewhere between 40 and 45 psi. The A/C must be engaged to get a true pressure reading. You can see if the A/C is engaged by looking at the clutch which is located directly in front of the low pressure port toward the front of the engine compartment and lower in the compartment. The cluch has three knobs on the front of it which will be spinning if the clutch is engaged. If the clutch is not engaged, the pressure will read much too high. If the pressure is significantly too low the clutch will engage and disengage every couple of seconds. As you add the refrigerant this should stop.

5. If you need to add refrigerant, look in the portion of the tool where the cannister attaches and rotate the knob counterclockwise until the puncture device is lower than the rubber seal.

6. Screw the R-134a cannister securely into the tool.

7. Rotate the knob clockwise until it is completely down. This punctures the cannister.

8. Rotate the knob counterclockwise to release the refrigerant from the cannister. You should be able to hear and feel the refrigerant leaving the can and the can will begin to get colder.

9. While watching the gauge, slowly move the can back and forth from an upright to a sideways position while the cannister is being emptied. If you empty the entire cannister, turn the cannister upside down to get as much refigerant as possible out of the cannister.

10. When the pressure reaches the desired level, rotate the knob on the tool clockwise until it is compltely down.

11. Remove the tool from the port.


13. If more refrigerant is still needed, repeat the process.

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under the thing

Where is the AC recharge valve on a 2002 Dodge grand caravan located?

The 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan air conditioning recharge valve is located on the air conditioning compressor. The recharge valve will be labeled as such.

Where do you recharge the ac on the 2002 ford escort ZX2?

To recharge the AC on the 2002 Ford Escort ZX2 you need to use the low pressure fill port. It is located on the larger of the two hoses coming off the compressor.

2002 Tahoe ac recharge low side?

Yes. 2 and a half lbs.

How much is cost to recharge air conditioning on 1994 Ford Taurus?

A proper Ac shop should do it around $70-80

In my 2002 the light for your ac on the dash flashes and the ac blows hot air What is your problem?

you need to recharge the ac system. It may have a leak somewhere. take it to a shop that does ac work

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I have a 2003 Grand Prix GT and the AC recharge port is right behind the motor on the firewall. Look for the silver pipes coming out of the firewall right near the middle. You will see the recharge port on one of the pipes there.

How do you recharge the AC on a 2002 Chevy trail blazer?

Purchase a recharge kit from your local auto parts store. The kit will come with all necessary materials and directions.

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You will need to connect your Freon bottle to the low pressure port on your 2002 Chevy Cavalier air conditioning compressor. Release the Freon into the compressor. A Freon recharge kit will come with everything you need and instructions.

Why would a 2002 Ford Taurus die when idling in park and the AC is turned on?

Idle control motor defective.

What size belt to bypass ac in 2002 Taurus?

you cant. the top side of the belt will rub on the a/c pully

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IT is on the return line located on the passenger side firewall

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You should not have to recharge your system unless you have a leak. Other wise you do not need to recharge your system.

Recharge ac in legend?

the motor mounts

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turn the car on

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